🚀 Release 2024-31

Release date: April 16, 2024

TL;DR : This release features the launch of our new Recommendations Analytics dashboard and updates to the Insights tab in the Visual Editor. We also deployed minor bug fixes.

🎉 Feature Updates

Gain Insights into Widget Performance with New Recommendations Analytics Dashboard

We’re excited to announce a new Analytics Dashboard to review the aggregated performance of all the different Recommendations widgets on your site.

Go to “Insights > Recommendation analytics > All widgets summary”

Go to “Insights > Recommendation analytics > All widgets summary”

What’s New?

  • The dashboard displays an aggregated, interactive report of the overall performance of all the widgets on your site.

  • It also offers the capability to use various filters to drill down the report further according to your requirements.

Why is this Valuable?

  • The report metrics help you understand how different Recommendation widgets perform and drive key business metrics like Revenue and Conversions.
  • This dashboard provides an overall summary of all your widgets, which is helpful if you have a large number of widgets on your site. This can help avoid manually checking out the reports of each individual widget separately.

Visit the documentation article to learn more.


Product Card Metrics Now Available Under the Insights Tab

The Insights tab in the Product Grid Editor now reflects the metrics selected for the product cards. You can view and filter these metrics at the Account, Site, and Page levels.

What Improved?

  • Earlier, the dropdown and filter options under the Insights tab displayed a static set of metrics, including Association Score, ATC rate, RPV, Conversion Rate, and Visits.

  • Now, the Insights dropdown and filter options dynamically adjust to the selected metrics in the Product card data display module. This lets you view and filter values for Association scores along with Account, Site, and Page level metrics

    Select metrics for the product cards

    Select metrics for the product cards

    View selected product card metrics under the Insights tab

    View selected product card metrics under the Insights tab

🐛Bug fixes

  • In-stock products appeared with an Out-of-stock banner when ranking rules were created at the Account level. We have resolved this issue.
  • We fixed some minor bugs in Insights reporting.


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