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4 - Search for Documents

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Reset the workspace to step 4:

git checkout -f step-4


In this step the document list in the app is extended with keyword search functionality.


The Document Collection resource described in step 1 supports keyword search through a _query parameter:


The response will have the same format as before but will only include documents that contain the keywords in the _query parameter.

Code Changes


The DocumentsService's getList function is extended with a query parameter which is passed on to the REST resource.


contentRestApp.factory('DocumentsService', function($resource, apiPrefix) {
  return {
    getList : function(query) {
      return $resource(apiPrefix + 'documents/', {
        _query : query
    getDocumentById : function(uuid) {
      return $resource(apiPrefix + 'documents/' + uuid).get();


The DocumentsController is extended so that the documents list can be updated any time (e.g. when a search query is submitted by the user) through an update function. A query object (to be bound to a search input box in the view) is passed on to the DocumentsService.


  if (!$routeParams.uuid) {

    $scope.query = '';

    $scope.update = function($scope) {
      DocumentsService.getList($scope.query).$promise.then(function(response) {
        $scope.documents = response;


    $scope.search = function() {



A search form is added to the documents-list view, consisting of an input field bound to the query object and a button to submit the search query. On form submission the controller's search function is called.



<form ng-submit="search()">
  <input type="text" ng-model="query" size="30" placeholder="enter keywords">
  <input class="btn-primary" type="submit" value="search">

  <li ng-repeat="document in documents.items"><a


In this step a search form was added to the app's document list. Go to step 5 to learn how to add paging to the list.

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