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Configure Attributes

In Pre-Launch Phase

The latest DataConnect features are slated for launch in Q3 2020. To learn more about this feature, reach out to your Bloomreach representative.

DataConnect allows you to configure certain attribute properties.

All attributes from the feed file must be configured within DataConnect. Search does not work for any attributes not configured, and at least one attribute must be added in order for the search to work.

To visit the attribute configurator,

  • In DataConnect, click on Modify Catalog then the Attributes tab.

  • Click Create New or Add a Row to add attributes. Make sure to provide the same attribute name as provided in your feed. You can remove attributes by clicking the trash icon on the right.

  • Click on the boxes to configure attributes. A checkmark indicates that the value is true, and an empty box indicates that the value is false.

Attribute properties



Include in Search API Response

Determines whether the attribute will appear in the front end.

Is Searchable

Determines whether the attribute may be searched on. 

Is Multi Valued

Check this if the field is multi-valued, such as an array.

Is Text

Determines whether the attribute value should be considered text.

After configuring attributes, make sure to click Save in the upper right. You must also run the Index API for changes to take effect.
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