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Milestone 3. Feed delivery

Are you integrating only Insights features?

This milestone is recommended for Insights-only integrations, not required. Your Bloomreach representative can help you decide if this milestone is necessary for you.

All Bloomreach SEO and full Bloomreach Search and Merchandising integrations require this milestone.

Here's what we did before starting this milestone

- Together, we defined a detailed scope of the integration project.
- You deployed the JavaScript tracking pixel on all of your pages.

What happens in this milestone?

In this part of the integration process, you generate and deliver your feeds:

  • Daily generation and delivery of your product feed is a required ongoing step.
  • You can choose to supplement your full product feed by delivering a delta feed.

What you do

What you and Bloomreach do together

  • You generate your product feed from your product catalog.
  • Optional. You generate a delta feed.
  • Deliver your feeds to
  • We set up your delivery location and provide you with authentication credentials.
  • We help you determine if you need to supplement your full product feed with a delta feed.

What's a product feed?

The contents of your product catalog constitute your product feed. Your product feed provides critical information that Bloomreach technology needs to act on your content. You can deliver your feed to a Bloomreach FTP site or you can send Bloomreach to your own FTP site.

It's important that you include all of your products when you generate your product feed. If your product doesn't exist in your feed, then Bloomreach can't act on it.

What's next?

Continue to the next milestone: API deployment.

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