Release 2021-211 - Bloomreach Commerce Experience Cloud - The Headless Digital Experience Platform Built for Commerce

Release 2021-211

Release Date: 15 Apr 2021

We are constantly making improvements to Bloomreach Search and Merchandising. In this release, we have added improvements, fixed critical bugs and deployed internal changes to improve performance. 



  • Disabled JSON Facet for merchants using them and made an improvement to use the dynamic facet V2 support.


  • Updated brSM dashboard navigation for better efficiency and usability
    • We are very excited to announce we will be updating brSM’s dashboard navigation user interface on 4/12/2021. Here is an overview of the value it will bring to your team:
      • Faster load time while navigating between brSM applications
        New architecture results in faster load times for brSM customers when switching between different sections of the Dashboard.

      • Improved navigation usability and efficiency
        The navigation structure is optimized to focus on enabling more direct point-to-point navigation to enhance operational efficiency and usability.

      • Screen space optimization
        This updated navigation focuses on providing the most screen space for the operational task and minimizes the space footprint of navigation while having different hover, expand and collapse states of the navigation. More screen space is provided for complex operations in brSM such as editing a product grid ranking or viewing analytics report to optimize for different user work styles.

    • Here is the detailed documentation for your team to adapt to this update in no time.

Bug Fixes


  • The report "Performance Of Products In This Category" had columns incorrectly named "Revenue Next". These columns are now correctly named "Revenue".

    • This issue has been resolved.  

  • The report “Impact of site search activities” was missing data in the column “Product Views Per Search Change (%)”.
    • This issue has been resolved.  

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