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Discovery Release 2021-333

Release Date: 29 September 2021

We are constantly making improvements to brX Discovery. In this release, we have added improvements and deployed internal changes to improve performance. 




  • Some sections of the Dashboard have been updated with the new Bloomreach logo.
  • Navigation now prioritizes the loading performance of the current application, and other applications/pages will not be loaded until navigating to that application. This should improve the overall loading experience for navigating between Discovery applications/pages, especially DevStudio, Insights, and User Management.


  • The Null Search Results report shows the query keywords for which no results are returned on the site. However, sometimes users may apply filters that can result in zero results returned via API. The current Null Search Results report does not show the filter information for such keywords.
    • The Null Search Results report now filters out the keywords that resulted in zero search results due to the application of filters.


  • Improved the performance of feed status page load.
  • Fixed an incorrectly displayed feed status indexing failure message, where an in-progress feed indexing job would show as a failure in the UI whenever there was a simultaneous in progress feed processor job.

Pathways and Recommendations

  • The Pathways and Recommendations filter parameter allows users to filter products based on attributes, but it does not return all facet values of the attribute field on which the filter is applied, unlike the filter parameter for native Search APIs.  
    • A new parameter filter_facet is available for Pathways (only for Search and Category Widgets APIs), which does display the other values of the attribute field after a filter is applied. You can read more about filter_facet here.
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