Mar 13, 2019 - Bloomreach Commerce Experience Cloud - The Headless Digital Experience Platform Built for Commerce

Mar 13, 2019


No updates to communicate in this release.




Scheduling Multiple Ranking Rules

Scheduling Multiple Ranking rules is in production with this release. Users can now set ranking rules on the same query/category across multiple durations. Read more about this feature here.


Slot-based Merchandising - Product Slots

With the launch of this feature, merchandisers will have even more granular control over the product grid. This feature will allow you to lock products into specific slots (or positions) on the product grid. The feature can be found in the Merchandising section of the dashboard within both Site Search Ranking and Category Ranking sections. 

This feature will be rolling out gradually to all our customers and is expected to be complete by mid-April. An additional email notification will be sent when the feature has been enabled for you. Read more about the feature here.


Bug Fixes

  • There was an issue in Ranking Diagnostics was not reverting to a customized audience once the audience was changed from an optional parameter and remained at "All Audiences". This issue has been resolved, and ranking Diagnostics now reflects customizations as per the audience selected. 

  • Boosted products were incorrectly being shown as buried in Ranking Diagnostics for certain customers. This issue has been resolved.

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