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Jan 16, 2019


Bug Fixes

  • There were product mismatch issues (products that aren't related to the theme) reported in a handful of themes. This was happening because our Solr system was filtering by BRIP (BloomReach Inferred Product) in high precision mode and with this release, the bug in precision logic has been fixed.
  • There was an issue reported on one customer where non-boosted products were ranking higher in search results than boosted products. The customer was notified and a fix was made.
  • We made a fix for an issue reported by a customer where on-contract sort was not being applied.


Bug Fixes

Ranking Editor

  • In this release, a fix was made to a bug where the username was not updated when the status (turning a rule on or off) of a ranking rule was modified.
  • A fix was made to a type in tooltip. Where the Read Only notification in the ranking table previously said "...does not match the rule's site influece," it is now correct to "...does not match the rule's site influence,"


The targeting icon for targeted rules on the Ranking and Redirect pages were different. This has been fixed and the icon is now consistent between the two pages.



Upon deletion of a synonym, the entire page would reload instead of updating the table. Once a user deletes a synonym, only the table is updated and the entire page is not reloaded.

A/B Testing

  • We have made minor UI updates in the Test Variant Modal.
  • Additionally, we have updated the test set up window on the Testing page to make the column sizing more uniform, regardless of the length of characters stored in each column.


  • Preview v2 allows two types of facet previews: Live Facets (No Personalization) and Personalized Facets. These two previews have been renamed as Algo Default Facets and Curated Facets.
  • We have fixed the issue where if a facet value name is too long, it extends beyond the product grid and overlaps with the product view in the preview screen.
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