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Performance has been a top priority at BloomReach since the beginning. Performance testing is ingrained in the product development process, using real-life data & scenarios and very high standards. High performance personalized content delivery is achieved through efficient caching strategies and smart use of modern delivery techniques.



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  • The Binaries Cache

    The Binaries Cache is used to cache static resources that are stored in the content repository, such as PDFs and images. It can be configured to be served from memory or disk.

  • The WebFiles Cache

    The WebFiles Cache is used to also cache static resources from the repository, but instead of typically user content like PDFs and images, it is more developer static web app content.

  • The Node Cache

    The Node Cache caches the contents of individual JCR nodes retrieved from the content repository. This includes actual content items (documents) as well as configuration stored in the repository such as web page layouts and URL mappings. The observation pattern is used to invalidate node cache entries when the original node in the repository is modified.

  • The Page Cache

    The Page Cache caches complete aggregated pages. This means that web pages can be served directly from the cache without any content retrieval and page aggregation as long as no modifications are made to the content and configuration making up the page. Once any of these is modified the delivery tier is notified through observation and invalidates the cached page. Requests arriving while the modified page is being aggregated can be served a stale cache entry to keep response times low.