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Hippo CMS is designed to support best practices for high-availability web architectures as well as to minimize the need for redeployments.



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  • Redundancy and No Single Point of Failure

    At system architecture level Hippo CMS is designed to have no single point of failure. Its web, application and database tiers all support redundancy through clustering. The delivery application runs separately from the authoring application and availability of the former is therefore not affected by the latter.

  • Configurable Delivery Tier

    The Hippo CMS delivery tier provides a high level of on-the-fly configurability of your publication channels including URL-mappings, pages, layouts, components, templates, navigational structures, visitor relevance and A/B-testing. This enables webmasters and marketers to make continuous changes without the need for development and redeployment of software artifacts.

  • Zero-Downtime Deployment

    When you do have development work that is ready to be released and brought into production, the redundant nature of our system architecture and its ability to transparently add or remove cluster nodes allow zero-downtime deployments of software artifacts.

  • High-Availability Infrastructure-as-a-Service Option

    With an average availability of 99.98% our BloomReach Cloud platform provides an excellent high-availability Infrastructure-as-a-Service option including cross-regional deployment options, 24/7 support and monitoring, and automatic backup and disaster recovery.