New features are released every two weeks, but it may take some time before the latest release appears on your instance. To find out which version you are currently using, simply click on the question mark icon in the upper tab of the Bloomreach Engagement application.

# Release 1.237

### Emojis in SMS

Say goodbye to plain, monotonous text messages and hello to a world filled with vibrant expressions and emotions. With our new update, you have a collection of [emojis](🔗) at your fingertips, allowing include them in SMS messages to get your customers even more engaged!

### Snippets and HTML Blocks in Weblayers

No more tedious and repetitive writing of blocks of text or code in your weblayer campaigns. Now you can use your saved Snippets and HTML Blocks also in weblayers to streamline the creation of new campaigns and save time on repeating tasks. Read more about how to create and use [snippets](🔗) or [HTML Blocks](🔗) in [Weblayers](🔗).

### SDKs updates

The latest Android SDK update, [3.6.1](🔗), and iOS SDK [2.16.2](🔗), let you supercharge your app experience with a new AppInbox. Both SDK updates are mainly relevant for Xamarin and ReactNative wrappers. Read more about the releases in their respective documentation.

# Release 1.236

### Gorgias integration

As of now, we have added Gorgias to our native integrations. Gorgias is a customer support platform that can help you manage support tickets from your customers and target campaigns accordingly. You can learn more about Gorgias, how this integration works, and how to set it up in our [documentation](🔗).

### Attentive integration

With our new Attentive integration, you can now create highly personalized SMS and email campaigns that engage your customers on a deeper level. Plus, with real-time tracking and reporting, you can optimize your campaigns for maximum impact. Interested in increasing efficiency and conversion rates? Then check out our Attentive [documentation](🔗)!

### SDKs updates

**iOS SDK [2.16.0](🔗) and [2.16.1](🔗)** You can now track user interactions even while closing InApp messages, giving you deeper insights into your users' behavior. And with the improved SDK initialization performance, you can start using the platform faster than ever before. Learn more about the new fixes in their changelogs.

**Flutter SDK [1.4.0](🔗)** This SDK has announced the latest version of the Native SDK for Android - version 3.5.0 along with a brand-new Support section.

# Release 1.235

### Analytics & Reporting Template Library

Introducing our new [Analytics Template Library!](🔗) Gain insights faster than ever before with **pre-built templates for common analytics** use cases. Currently, our library includes dashboard and report templates, allowing you to visualize and share your data with ease. Simply select a template, import it to your project, tailor it to your desires, and let our system do the heavy lifting. From ‘email campaign evaluation’ to ‘revenue in time,’ our library analytics has got you covered!

### Shopify’s deprecation of the \_total_price_usd event attribute for purchase events

As [Shopify announced](🔗), the event attribute\_ _total_price_usd_ retrieved for each purchase event will no longer be supported. This means that we will stop retrieving this field as of **May 10, 2023**.

If you have your currency set to US dollars, we recommend switching to the _**total_price**_ event attribute, as the retrieved value should be exactly the same.

If you have your currency set to other than USD, we also recommend switching to the _total_price_ attribute. Note that the value returned by the _total_price_ attribute will be different from \__total_price_usd_ since t_otal_price_ is returned for the currency represented in the _total_price_currency_ attribute and should respect the store currency.

### Non-personalized Weblayers

A simple change in your integration snippet allows you to serve general weblayers without personalization to all your website visitors, including those who do not accept the cookie banner. Such weblayers do not contain Jinja or customer filters and thus are compliant with data protection laws. Find out more [here](🔗).

### Notification center

Stay on top of your game with real-time updates, all in one convenient location. Accessible from the upper-right corner of your screen, between the search and live chat icons, the Notification Center is your go-to hub for staying informed and in control.

### SDKs updates

Revolutionize your app development process with the latest release - **ReactNative SDK** version [1.4.0](🔗)! Introducing a host of new features, including an **Android** update to **3.5.0** and [3.6.0](🔗). The **former** allows viewing push notifications without the need for runtime SDK init (from the killed state). And that's not all - the release also includes a new support section for documentation edits, making it easier than ever to get the help you need.

The **latter** Andriod update includes the ability to track user interactions when closing an InApp message, so you can understand your users better. They have also documented the InApp loading flow in more detail, so you can optimize your messaging campaigns with ease. In addition, they have introduced the ability to mark App Inbox messages as read when failed due to invalid usage of Customer IDs. And to top it all off, they have included information in the documentation about cooperating with Support when flagging incidents.

# Release 1.234

### Contact Cards creator

We have developed a new feature, [Contact Cards](🔗). They provide a quick and convenient way to share your business name, number, logo, and more with your SMS subscribers so they save you in their contact list. You can create a bigger emotional connection with your subscribers through the SMS channel and reduce the potential of filtering your messages by third parties.

### Shopify integration upgrade - action is needed

With this release, we have added a new `sms_marketing_consent` customer property to your existing Shopify integration. The `sms_marketing_consent` is tracked when a customer subscribes or unsubscribes to SMS consent. To retrieve this new field, the [described action](🔗) is needed.

### Dashboard sharing via Email

In addition to sharing a dashboard via a link, you are now able to share a dashboard via email in the beta version! Enhance dashboard sharing via email by:

  • Scheduling when you want your emails to be sent

  • Including a public link and using the email as a notification to check the shared dashboard

  • Setting expiration dates

  • And more!

Make use of the various adjustment options and effortlessly create various groups with different types of access according to your needs! For example, you can create a sharing group that will be shown PII, while users that do not need to see this data will be part of another group with the PII hidden.

Learn more about this feature [here](🔗).

### SDKs updates

We would like to inform you about 4 new updated versions of various SDKs! **iOS SDK** is now updated to the version **2.15.2** which brings improvements to the App Inbox (more information in its [release notes](🔗) on GitHub). **React Native SDK 1.3.1** also contains improvements to the App Inbox (more information can be found [here](🔗)). A new **Flutter SDK 1.3.1** has added a new number color format and support for sending an empty push notification. Read more about it in its [release notes](🔗). The last upgrade is for the **Android SDK 3.5.0**! The new version contains an updated push notification feature without the requirement of runtime SDK init and tracking all events, and several bug fixes. To learn more about the improvements, refer to its [release notes](🔗).

# Release 1.233

### Klaviyo integration

We have a new integration for you! Klaviyo is a marketing automation platform for syncing your data between Bloomreach Engagement and Klaviyo. You can view more accurate customer profiles, detailed analytics via advanced reporting, synchronized Engagement segments, and compliance by Bloomreach Engagement consent management. Head to its [article](🔗) for more details!

### Amazon S3 for Exports

Good news! [Amazon S3](🔗) is available for exports, too. Now, you can import and export from one of the most widely used cloud file storage!

# Release 1.232

### SDKs Updates

Three new updated SDKs are available now! A new **iOS SDK 2.15.1** has fixed the AppInbox layout to be compatible with SDK wrappers. Refer to its [release notes](🔗) for more details. Updated **React Native SDK 1.3.0** has added support for the App Inbox feature and customer token authentication (more details in its [release notes](🔗)). The last update is **Flutter SDK 1.3.0** where support for the App Inbox and customer token authentication has been added. Read more about it in its [release notes](🔗).

# Release 1.231

### SMS/MMS Single Action Node

SMS and MMS were two separate action nodes in our scenarios. From now on, they were merged so now you can edit both your SMS and MMS messages in a scenario within one action mode. Find out more about [SMS and MMS here](🔗)!

### SMS/MMS Campaigns

Now you can create and send your SMS/MMS campaigns outside of scenarios! A new module with a separate campaign editor has been added to Engagement. It works similarly to an email campaigns editor and is very easy to use. To access it, go to `Campaigns` and then `SMS campaigns`.

### SMS/MMS Predefined templates

A list of various predefined templates for SMS and MMS campaigns has been developed! It helps you to be more efficient when you want to reuse your campaigns for similar use cases that you have already done. Details about its settings can be found in this [article](🔗).

### Content generator via chatGPT

Content generator via chatGPT is now available! It is a great marketing tool that helps you to generate copywriting content for your campaigns in a faster and more efficient way. Find out more about the new feature in its [article](🔗)!

### SDKs Updates

Two SDKs are updated now! **Android SDK 3.4.0** and **iOS SDK 2.15.0** releases contain improvements for App Inbox, advanced customer authentication via [customer token](🔗), and updated documentation. To learn more details, please refer to their release notes ([Android](🔗), [iOS](🔗)) on GitHub.

# Release 1.230

### SHA1 Deprecation

SHA1 deprecation was announced on 2021-08-20 by OpenSSH as there are easy and cheap ways how to perform an attack on this algorithm. We've added SHA2 signing algorithm support for SSH-based connections, and SHA1 signing algorithms were deprecated. Customers using OpenSSH servers newer than 5.9 (released on 2011-09-06) should not be affected by this change.

### App Inbox

Apart from being a persistent storage for mobile push notifications, App Inbox is now a separate and flexible marketing channel, too! It helps you to deliver rich and personalized marketing content for mobile apps. You can use it as an action node in your scenario flows when delivering the right campaign to the right audience. [Read more](🔗)!

### TCPA List Validation

TCPA List Validation helps you follow US market regulations and stay compliant when running SMS and MMS campaigns! The validation consists of two parts that help you scrub against DNC (Do Not Call) List and check against reassigned phone numbers database. [Learn more](🔗).

### Infobip SMS/MMS provider

We have added a new SMS/MMS provider that can handle your marketing or promotional text messages with granular delivery reports and tracking. Infobip integration is available for the US and Canada for now with the rest of the world support coming in the next months! [Learn more](🔗).

### Flutter SDK Update

A new **Flutter SDK** update to version **1.2.0** is now here! The upgrade has brought updated native SDKs, a new configuration flag, added documentation about tracking consent according to DSGVO/GDPR, and more updates, improvements, and bug fixes. To learn more about it, please refer to its [release notes](🔗) on GitHub.

# Release 1.229

There were only minor bug fixes, tweaks, and other smaller improvements in this release