Consistency Check between Scenario Evaluation and Custom Evaluations

How to check consistency between your custom evaluation and the Evaluate tab?

To check how the definitions in the Evaluate tab in Email Campaigns are built and compare them with your custom evaluation:
a. Go to the Evaluate tab in the Scenarios and navigate to Results in the Evaluate tab.
b. View more options by clicking on the three dots on the top right corner of the page (next to the Start button).
c. Select the Copy email campaign to dashboard (Copy email campaign evaluation to dashboard in scenarios) option.


d. You can check and compare the definitions between the Evaluate tab and your custom evaluation in the new dashboard. You can view and edit this dashboard like any other regular dashboard.

How to check consistency between your custom evaluation and New Evaluate tab?

You can find definitions in the Email Campaign > New Evaluate tab > Results. To know how they are built and compared with your custom evaluation, refer to the Email Evaluation Dashboard page of the product documentation. The documentation walks you through each definition and how they are calculated. You can use the information to compare it with your custom evaluation.

How to build a report for multiple campaigns that calculates revenue or other properties using a running aggregate in rows?

If a running aggregate is used in the rows and the report is made for multiple campaigns, discrepancies between the original evaluation for a single campaign and custom report for multiple campaigns are expected due to variability of customer journey and inability to achieve 100% correct attribution.


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