Customizable dashboards

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What is a customizable dashboard

While metrics presented in the default campaign evaluation dashboard are general, customizable dashboards allow you to configure custom evaluation dashboards for all campaigns. No additional time is needed to clone or customize dashboards for each new campaign. However, it’s still possible to configure a different evaluation dashboard on an individual campaign level.

Customizable dashboards let you see specific metrics or reports relevant to your business, enabling you to save time and better evaluate the impact of your campaigns.

Customizable dashboards are available for all types of Analyses in our app, e.g. Reports, Trends, Funnels, Segmentations, or Metrics.

How to create a customizable dashboard

Customizable Dashboards allow you to personalize any dashboard defined as the default campaign evaluation dashboard in the project under the Evaluate tab. All changes you make will automatically be applied to future campaigns and shown in the Evaluate tab in a set-and-forget fashion.

To replace the default evaluation dashboard with a custom definition, you need to configure:

  • a custom dashboard in Projects Settings > Campaigns > Evaluation, making this dashboard default for all campaigns
  • a custom dashboard on the individual campaign level

If you want to create dashboards relevant only to a specific campaign, set a specific [[campaign_id]] parameter in the definitions of any dashboard and any underlying definitions. The campaign ID then gets updated automatically for each campaign, scenario, weblayer, or experiment.

Learn more about dynamic parameters like [[campaign_id]] in our Controls guide.



Configuration of the campaign evaluation dashboards is persistent on the project level and is applied to all users of the same project.

How to leverage customizable dashboards

Customizable Dashboards with Controls increase flexibility and ease customization of reports and dashboards, especially the campaign evaluation dashboards available in the Evaluate tab.

Explore the possibilities of customizable dashboards with use cases like:

  • Custom campaign evaluation dashboard for Scenarios where campaign ID gets updated automatically to see the results of a particular campaign.
  • Default evaluation dashboard for all in-app messages, including a custom metric for calculating profit.
  • A general overview dashboard of the health of my customer base presented as one of three dashboards for every email campaign.

Alternatively, browse our collection of Business Use Cases or Plug&Play Use Cases and further customize the described dashboards to your needs.


  • You can configure up to 3 different campaign evaluation dashboards.
  • Customizable dashboards are not available when public dashboard sharing via link is used.
  • Customizable dashboards are not available when the dashboard is shared via email.

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