🚀 Release 2024-12-1 (Unscheduled)

Release Date: February 21, 2024

The unscheduled release includes enhancements to Discovery Insights features and some minor bug fixes.


Multi-site Insights: Autosuggest in Playbooks, Collections inheritance, Reports, and Pixel Monitor enhancements

We have introduced the below performance enhancements to various Insights features for multi-site integration customers:

  • Collections are now automatically inherited from account to site group and from site group to site level.
  • Playbooks now have even better autosuggest on the account and site levels.
  • Some Reports have been corrected to remove duplicate rows for some customers.
  • Pixel Monitor now provides failure examples on the site level for all customers.

🐛Bug fixes

Insights: Adding a new Collection or an Activity would cause an error. We have corrected the validation mechanism to resolve this issue.