This page contains archived information on **Bloomreach Content (SaaS) releases** in 2021.

For the latest release notes see [Release Notes & Documentation Updates](🔗).

## Release 20211229

🎉 **New Features**

  • It is now possible to enable or disable a content type through the Content Type Management API.

🚀 **Improvements**

  • Channels in the Experience manager's channel overview are now sorted alphabetically.

  • Improved UX when copying a variant of a personalized component in the Experience manager.

  • The active session timeout has been increased from 30 to 60 minutes.

🐛 **Bug fixes**

  • Editing a page-specific component on a copied page no longer results in the original page being saved instead of the copy in some scenarios.

  • Custom channel region images uploaded in the Content application are now properly displayed.

## Release 20211215

🚀 **Improvements**

  • The value and default value specified for an HTML field in the [Content Type Management API](🔗) now go through the same HTML cleaning process as used by the [Document Type Editor](🔗) GUI.

  • The segment selection for a [Personalize a Page](🔗) is now consistently maintained between the page preview and the component configuration editor in the right-side panel, including when opening and closing the right-side panel and when selecting a different Alter Ego.

  • The segment picker in the Experience manager application now shows a progress indicator while loading for an improved user experience.

🐛 **Bug fixes**

  • This release incorporates all required updates to fix the recently discovered [Log4j vulnerabilities](🔗).

  • [API authentication tokens] are no longer mistakenly removed before their expiration date in some internal exception handling scenarios.

  • Adding more than one product or category in the Product Highlight or Category Highlight component using the commercetools connector no longer results in an error message.

## Release 20211201

🎉 **New Features**

  • It is now possible to use content personalization to hide a component completely for a segment.

🐛 **Bug fixes**

  • Within segmentations, it is no longer possible to create a segment with a duplicate ID.

  • When creating a new variant for a component, the Select a segment dialog no longer incorrectly preselects the first campaign or segmentation if that component already has variants for all segments in that campaign or segmentation.

  • Navigating from the Experience manager to Content audiences and back to the Experience manager no longer results in a blank screen in some use cases.

## Release 20211117

🎉 **New Features**

  • Page level personalization based on segmentations defined in Bloomreach Engagement:

    • [Personalize page components](🔗) for visitor segments defined in Bloomreach Engagement.

    • [Preview personalized pages](🔗) for combinations of segments and campaigns in the Experience manager by defining an "alter ego" in the As viewed by menu.

    • Easily [add Bloomreach Engagement segmentations](🔗) to [Content audiences](🔗) using the copy-paste JSON importer.

    • Personalization based on Bloomreach Engagement segmentations stores a visitor cookie to continue the personalized experience for recurring visits. Cookie consent should be handled separately by the customer.

    • Personalize only on segmentations exposed through Bloomreach Engagement Segmentations API.

    • [Personalization support in the Bloomreach SPA SDK](🔗) helps developers get up and running quickly with the integration of personalization in their frontend.

Content personalization features must be enabled on a per-environment basis. To get started with personalization, reach out to your Bloomreach account manager or sales representative.

🐛 **Bug fixes**

  • Category links in the Category highlight component in the Reference SPA are now working properly.

  • Selecting an already open component in the Experience manager no longer disables the Delete component button.

## Release 20211103

🚀 **Improvements**

  • Improved validation of SVG images uploaded to Assets.

  • Support for menu item prototype functionality in the Site Management API.

🐛 **Bug fixes**

  • The Page info dialog in the Experience manager no longer exposes the internal namespace for a document type.

  • The Page info dialog in the Experience manager no longer displays an incorrect publication date.

  • A UI glitch in Versions tab of the Page panel in the Experience manager has been fixed.

## Release 20211020

🚀 **Improvements**

  • CKEditor (the rich text editor used by Bloomreach Content) has been updated to v4.16.2.

  • No more external calls to Google font files.

🐛 **Bug fixes**

  • The Experience manager channels list view now refreshes after creating a new channel.

  • When a Project is reopened, the Includes document types checkbox is now reset properly.

🐛 **Other changes**

  • As of Content release 20211020, Bloomreach no longer performs QA testing for the Edge and Internet Explorer browsers.

## Release 20211006

🎉 **New Features**

  • **Content Type Management API** The new Content Type Management API enables brX developers to manage content types through a set of REST endpoints for operations on content types and their field definitions.

  • **Instant preview in the Experience manager** The page preview in the Experience manager now instantly reflects changes made in the right side editing panel without clicking the Save button first. This eliminates having to save changes just to update the preview, improving usability for editors and reducing version clutter created by unnecessary save actions.

🚀 **Improvements**

  • **UI performance improvements** Performance of the brX navigation UI has improved significantly in this release due to the implementation of lazy loading for all brX applications.

  • **Segment-based personalization for page-specific components** In addition to shared components, page-specific components can now also be personalized based on segments used in Bloomreach Engagement email campaigns.

  • **Development project with document type changes indicator** A development project that has document type changes associated with it is now explicitly labeled as such.

🐛 **Bug fixes**

  • Adding a new Experience page while a campaign is running no longer results in an error.

  • Clicking on the Properties tab in the right side editing panel for a page-specific component no longer erroneously closes the entire panel.

## Release 20210908

🐛 **Bug fixes**

  • The Experience manager's "As viewed by" selector no longer selects an incorrect variant in certain navigation scenarios.

  • Entering an invalid namespace in the List component's sort field parameter value is now handled properly and does not result in empty search results and/or error messages anymore.

## Release 20210825

🎉 **New Features**

  • Content personalization based on segments defined in Bloomreach Engagement:

    • [Personalize pages](🔗) based on Engagement email campaigns.

    • Use the redesigned [Content Audiences](🔗) application to set up audiences for personalization based on email campaigns.

    • [Configure campaign-based variants for a component](🔗) in the Experience manager.

    • Select campaign-based segments in the ["As viewed by"](🔗) selector in the Experience manager.

    • [Retrieve the public front-end URL of a page](🔗) in the Experience manager for use in a Campaign.

    • Content personalization can be enabled on a per environment basis.

🚀 **Improvements**

  • The Reference SPA has been updated to use the latest release of the SPA SDK.

  • The Commerce Accelerator now supports displaying the localized product title and description in commercetools.

## Release 20210811

🚀 **Improvements**

  • Improved user experience due to more efficient reloading of the page preview when saving content in the content editor for a page-specific component.

  • The Delivery API's Pages endpoint now always serializes referenced images and assets in the response, even if they are at a deeper reference level than the configured maximum.

🐛 **Bug fixes**

  • The Merge dialog for regular (i.e. non-development) projects no longer contains an empty section for document type changes.

  • Document instances of document types under development within a development project can no longer be copied outside that project's context.

  • It's no longer possible to select a non-image asset in the image component.

## Release 20210728

🚀 **Improvements**

  • The Banner gallery and Banner CTA components in the Reference SPA have been converted to page-specific components.

  • Improved button labels in Create page and Create content dialogs in the Experience manager.

  • The brX UI has been updated with the current Bloomreach branding.

🐛 **Bug fixes**

  • Dynamic dropdowns in a document in a project context now show the published resource bundle key-value pairs.

  • Saving a document after editing in the Experience manage no longer results in a Page not found error.

  • The example REACT_APP_BRXM_ENDPOINT URL in the Reference SPA's .env.dist file now uses the current domain.

  • It's now possible in the visual content editor in the Experience manager to add a single content block to a content block field that is not marked as multiple.

  • Content block fields with 'maxitems' configured are now properly handled in the visual content editor in the Experience manager.

## Release 20210714

Please note that Reference SPA moved to a new Github location: <>

🎉 **New Features**

  • This release adds page-specific components. Page-specific component instances are fully self-contained and include content of a predefined content type, removing the component's dependency on a separate document with its own lifecycle. It's now possible for an Experience page and all component instances and content on that page to share a single lifecycle, simplifying the workflow to publish the page.

🚀 **Improvements**

  • Reference SPA improvements:

    • The Maps component now uses a search query in addition to latitude and longitude so that the map is automatically centered on the top result, and now includes different templates to select the map type (map, terrain, hybrid, or satellite).

    • Improved error messaging for many components.

🐛 **Bug fixes**

  • When switching between the core project and a developer project in the Experience Manager, the component overlay and the sitemap and components tray are now properly rendered and functional.

  • Copying a document of an unpublished document type within a development project no longer results in an error message.

  • Unpublished content changes in a document are now properly rendered inline instead of in separate blocks.

  • The Publish (request) option in the Page menu in the Experience manager is now enabled when this action is available.

  • It's now possible to deselect options in dynamic dropdown fields when editing content.

  • The application does not crash anymore when making changes to existing document types.

  • Several minor cosmetic UI issues have been fixed.

  • Dynamic dropdowns in a document in a project context now show the published resource bundle key-value pairs.

💥 **Known Issues**

  • As a developer, when merging a development project with document type changes for page-specific components, the Experience manager needs to be refreshed to see newly created components reflected in the component catalog.

  • Updating the content type of a page-specific component is currently not supported. Although the REST API call will succeed, the Experience manager is currently unable to handle such an update.

  • The following content field types are currently not supported and/or not fully functional for page-specific components:

    • Resource bundle

    • Taxonomy

    • Resource upload

    • Upload widget for the image picker

## Release 20210630

🎉 **New Features**

  • This release adds a [Documents Endpoint](🔗) to the [Delivery API](🔗), allowing developers to retrieve individual documents by their identifiers. Use cases for the Documents endpoint include retrieval of documents referenced but not included in the [Pages Endpoint](🔗)'s response, and retrieval of standalone content outside the content of a page.

🚀 **Improvements**

  • Reference SPA improvements:

    • The Maps component now uses a search query in addition to latitude and longitude so that the map is automatically centered on the top result, and now includes different templates to select the map type (map, terrain, hybrid, or satellite).

    • Improved error messaging for Product highlight, Banner CTA, Pathways & Recommendations, and Video components.

🐛 **Bug fixes**

  • Clicking on the brand logo on the product details page in the Reference SPA no longer leads to a 404 error.

  • Broken links in the Experience manager sitemap have been fixed.

  • A bulk workflow UI glitch in the Search application has been fixed.

## Release 20210616

🚀 **Improvements**

  • Styling of Experience page folders and documents in the Content application has been improved.

  • Focus is now automatically set on the first form field in the Page campaign 'Create version' and 'Schedule version' forms.

  • The Site Management API's [Channels](🔗) endpoint now only returns active developer branches.

  • Several improvements were made related to error handling:

    • It is now possible to specify a `documentRequired` property on Routes using the Site Management API in order to indicate whether a URL should have a (primary) document or folder item. If the value is true and the URL does not map to a specific content item, the Page Delivery API returns a 404 page.

    • The error handling in the Reference SPA has been completely redesigned to be more robust and serve as a reference implementation.

🐛 **Bug Fixes**

  • When adding a Rich Text Field within a Choice field in the Visual Editor in the Experience manager, the new field is now properly highlighted and focused.

## Release 20210602

🚀 **Improvements**

  • We made several improvements to [user roles and their associated privileges](🔗) in order to provide more clearly defined workflows and a better user experience.

  • The Page menu in the Experience manager now shows context-sensitive options depending on whether a channel is being viewed within a Project context.

🐛 **Bug fixes**

  • Link creation no longer fails for certain advanced routing configurations.

  • Deleting a document no longer results in an error message being logged.

  • Certain Search Result Component configurations no longer result in 404 requests and the component disappearing from the container.

## Release 20210519

🚀 **Improvements**

  • CKEditor, used to edit rich text content, has been upgraded to version 4.16.

  • Authors and developers can now create and restore experience page versions.

  • Minor UX improvements in the Content application.

🐛 **Bug fixes**

  • We fixed several bugs related to the Page Campaigns feature introduced in the previous release:

    • The Info and Schedule icons now show the correct tooltip messages when a page is offline.

    • Resetting a scheduled date for a campaign no longer causes a (silent) Javascript error.

    • Campaign and version related workflow actions are now showing in the activity stream in Home.

    • Version filtering glitches in tje Visual Editor sidebar were fixed.

  • Primary document and page link now works with dynamic components.

💥 **Known issues**

  • Creating a new channel as 'site-admin' fails.

## Release 20210505

🎉 **New Features**

  • Page campaigns 

    • The new [Page Campaign](🔗) feature enables site editors to schedule an alternative version of a page to be served on the live website from a specified start date and optionally until a specified end date.

    • A page without a specified end date will stay live until a new campaign for that page starts or until an end date is added.

    • It is now possible to rename page versions.

    • It is now easier to set-up campaigns in advance as you can prepare multiple go-live dates on pages before the first scheduled publication date.