Documentation Updates

Welcome to the new home of Bloomreach Content documentation! Here you can find Content SaaS. Our Experience Manager documentation can still be found on our old documentation page under a new domain.

Our move to Readme comes with many improvements, especially to our API documentation:

  • New documentation updates
  • Improved API documentation
  • Unified documentation
  • Navigation

New documentation updates

July 13th, 2022

  • We expanded our personalization documentation in Content Audiences with a new Personalized Landing Pages user guide.
  • We updated our API library with our new Content Batch Import API which enables developers to import large amounts of content into a Bloomreach Content project. We also released a complementary Import Content user guide!
  • We published a Postman Collections page about using the new Bloomreach Content public Postman workspace and updated individual Management API landing pages with Run in Postman button.
  • Check out our new Content Help Center which aims to answer any questions or doubts you may have!

June 29th, 2022

June 16th, 2022

April 13th, 2022

  • We now have an Introduction to Content SaaS page! It zooms in on the specifics of our product and guides you to great starting points.
  • There is now a Content SaaS vs brXM page! On this page you will learn about the differences between our two Content products.
  • We have also shared credentials to our Public Developer Environment, where you can try our Content SaaS product hands-on!

Improved API documentation

Readme’s Try It! feature allows you to make authenticated calls and receive real responses within the documentation. This allows your developers to explore our APIs and check if your calls are set up correctly.

Please note that this feature requires proper authentication to receive a response. We have also provided test values that you can use.


Readme provides a stylized parameter reference, which better highlights each parameter and their requirements. This is also where you enter values for Try It!


Did you notice the GET tags on the left? Any page detailing operations on an API will have a matching tag in the navigation menu. This should help you find detailed API information more easily.

Unified documentation

Our new documentation site now provides unified access to documentation for each of Bloomreach’s products. Quick access is located at the top of any page.



In addition to the migration, we have also taken this opportunity to restructure the Discovery documentation and clean up all of the pages. The page categories have been renamed and rearranged to more accurately reflect their contents, and we have removed some duplicate or redundant pages to reduce clutter. Many pages have also been revised for clarity.

Readme’s navigation menu and search function should also feel smoother. In particular, you can filter searches by product (Engagement, Content, or Discovery) and section (Guides, Reference, etc.), and search results are displayed within the documentation instead of a separate search results section. This should reduce the amount of time spent loading pages and help you find specific pages more easily.



On our end, Readme will make it easier for us to make and manage our documentation. We hope that you find our documentation site to be more usable and friendly to your needs as well. We welcome your feedback, which you can submit at the bottom of any page.


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