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Content personalization features must be enabled on a per-environment basis. To get started with personalization, reach out to your Bloomreach account manager or sales representative.



Add a Bloomreach Engagement segmentation to Content audiences in order to personalize pages.


For an engaging experience, Bloomreach Content enables personalization of pages using the Experience manager based on segmentations managed in Bloomreach Engagement. Visitors are assigned a segment dynamically by Bloomreach Engagement while browsing the site and are subsequently served personalized pages for that segment.

This page explains how to prepare your segmentation in Bloomreach Engagement for page personalization and how to add your segmentation to Content audiences.

Expose the segmentation in Bloomreach Engagement

Before you can personalize pages in the Experience manager, you must create a segmentation in Bloomreach Engagement if you haven't done so yet.

Additionally, the segmentation must be "exposed" so it's available for your site to use to personalize pages for the current visitor.

In Bloomreach Engagement, edit the segmentation you want to use for page personalization, then click on the three dots in the top right and choose Expose segmentation from the dropdown menu.

In the same dropdown menu, choose Copy JSON. This will copy all the required information about the segmentation to the clipboard in a format that the Content audiences app understands.

When adding the segmentation to Content audiences in the next step, you can simply paste the information from the clipboard.

Add the segmentation to Content audiences

In Commerce Experience Cloud, open the Content audiences application.

Choose the Segmentations tab and click on the + Segmentation button in the top right to add a new segmentation.

Click on Paste JSON to auto-fill the New segmentation form.

Click on Create to add the segmentation.

You are now ready to personalize pages.

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