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The content model is an important pillar in any web content management architecture. In accordance with its open platform philosophy, Hippo CMS offers flexible content model building blocks while adhering to elementary principles.



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  • Flexible Authoring

    Use rich text content with WYSIWYG authoring where it makes sense, and configure the level of richness you need: from simple text decoration to full-on HTML capabilities including configurable semantic CSS classes that can be applied to text by authors.

  • Flexible Metadata

    Define metadata as strictly or as loosely as fits your needs. From free text keywording, through managed key-value lists, to full-on multilingual taxonomy management. All metadata can be used to configure faceted navigation structures.

  • Flexible Authorization

    Authorization is role-based and can be applied to any possible subset of content.

  • Content Repository

    The foundation of the model is a JCR-compliant content repository, in which content is stored as properties of nodes in a tree structure. Node type definitions determine the structure of the tree and the primitive types of the properties. The repository content is persisted in a relational database.

  • Templating

    The authoring application maps the JCR node types to content types and enriches them with editing templates, which are used by the document editor to allow authors to create and modify individual documents.

  • Delivery Layer

    The delivery layer maps JCR node types to Java classes, so-called content beans, which act as the models in a Hierarchical Model-View-Controller pattern.