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7.9.9 Release Notes

October 28, 2015

The new maintenance release 7.9.9 is available for general use. This release includes bug fixes and improvements in core, enterprise and plugins. To know the changed artifacts, refer the section Artifacts version and below JIRA links. For Hippo Enterprise Customers and Partners new Upgrade Verifier from CMS 7.8.10 to CMS 7.9.9 is available.

New projects can be bootstrapped using new essentials, to start follow trails page.

We encourage all projects to remain on the regular maintenance release. Using a tagged artifact that is not yet part of a maintenance release should only be done if there is a specific reason and only after testing in your specific project setup.

New Feature


  • [REPO-1274] - [Backport 7.9] Provide an internal service for creating and managing an external repository synchronization entry in the journal table



  • [CMS-9545] - [7.9] Endless loop creating a lot of error messages in the log
  • [CMS-9547] - [Backport 7.9.x] Mime type incorrect for Javascript files as asset
  • [CMS-9557] - [Backport 7.9] No user friendly warning message displayed while publishing a document using "publish all in folder..." option without saving&closing it.
  • [CMS-9425] - Backport to 7.9 - Cancel on close all tabs dialog doesn't work
  • [CMS-9473] - Backport to 7.9 - In a Formatted Text field (when multiple), losing focus while pausing for a couple of seconds during typing.
  • [CMS-9411] - Checkbox is not properly displayed on the CMS in view mode (in IE 8 on WinXP)
  • [CMS-9424] - link picker with long document name
  • [CMS-9438] - [7.9] Datepicker shows wrong values for Dutch in schedule publication
  • [CMS-9138] - [Backport 7.9] Ajax indicator is not shown for Ext ajax requests
  • [CMS-9148] - CMS User creation/E-mail address containing apostrophe fails to validate
  • [CMS-9313] - Backport 9144 to 7.9 No check for existing folders at the time of translations & results in creation of same name folders
  • [CMS-9342] - takes too long to load group members in user settings
  • [CMS-9358] - Backport to 7.9: Console stops working when hst reference property starts with a slash


  • [CHANNELMGR-110] - URL with pound sign(#) in channel manager gives error


  • [HSTCONFIGEDIT-170] - Backport 7.9 NPE when deleting a page via hst configuration editor


  • [HSTTWO-3333] - WebApplicationInvokingPipeline for mount is broken, throwing NPE
  • [HSTTWO-3345] - Backport [7.9] X-Forwarded-Proto: HTTP header gives 301 (HTTP in capitals!)
  • [HSTTWO-3356] - Backport [7.9] Exception during creating new container item when hst:template is not configured
  • [HSTTWO-3367] - Backport to 7.9: hst:messagesReplace tag doesn't replace dollar sign prefixed variable expression
  • [HSTTWO-3426] - Forward port [7.9] Align path info encoding with rest of URL encoding


  • [REPO-1301] - [7.9] Repository fails to start because unlock is called with pending changes in bootstrap process
  • [REPO-1302] - [Forward 7.9] constrain document translation with security domain (automatically derived from user session)
  • [REPO-1320] - [7.9 backport] System session impersonator always impersonates to another system session
  • [REPO-1333] - [7.9 backport] Using a mixinType in a query template breaks the creation of a document
  • [REPO-1290] - [7.9] Potential deadlock in SessionItemStateManager#stateCreated
  • [REPO-1261] - Backport 7.9 - Make FacetNavigationProvider more robust against misconfiguration (was: CMS show blank page after login because of runtime error)
  • [REPO-1271] - [7.9] Locked table makes CMS unresponsive
  • [REPO-1273] - Backport to 7.9: EventLogCleanupModule create hanging thread to refresh lock on trigger node


  • [HIPPLUG-1010] - Cannot enter document names with special characters in document wizard


  • [HIPPLUG-1063] - Unpublished taxonomies are shown in the site


  • [ENT-833] - Backport to 7.9 - Advanced search: unchecking documents after "select all" does not work
  • [ENT-846] - [7.9 backport] Advanced search: bulk publish action ignores domain rules
  • [ENT-847] - Advanced search 7.9: when bumping to latest product versions, the unit tests break


  • [EFORMS-276] - [Backport to 7.9] - DiskFileItemFactory use of FileCleaningTracker is documented or coded wrong
  • [EFORMS-280] - Numbers are added on the end of likert questions name fields
  • [EFORMS-287] - [Backport to 7.9] Fixed FormContainerExporter be only possible to delete container nodes of type 'hst:formdatacontainer'
  • [EFORMS-292] - Translations missing for Luhn rule
  • [EFORMS-293] - "form.counter.limit.error" not defined
  • [EFORMS-273] - Backport 7.9 - Confirmation email - impossible to type any text in the correct order
  • [EFORMS-232] - Backport 7.9 - Order of Likert questions incorrect in Form data output in CMS
  • [EFORMS-240] - Backport 7.9 - Check box inside a group when marked *required always causes validation error
  • [EFORMS-250] - Enterprise form with unselected checkbox fails to send email
  • [EFORMS-252] - [Backport to 7.9] - Checkbox Values in ReusableGroup are not stored in form map or send with email.
  • [EFORMS-256] - Utility class of Enterprise Forms "FormPluginUtils" can not determine conditionally dependent fields, if eforms:form namespace is extended
  • [EFORMS-263] - Backport 7.9 - Some enterprise form labels are not showed correct for diacritics


  • [ENT-855] - [Backport 7.9] Synchronization: Scheduled Publication - Request not synchronized



  • [CMS-9522] - [Backport to 7.9] Improve FolderTreePlugin to display nothing in case of invalid configured path
  • [CMS-9194] - Backport from 10: No spacing between paragraphs in CKEditor edit mode
  • [CMS-9324] - Backport (7.9) - CMS7-9211: Node picker : base node configurable through path optionally
  • [CMS-9402] - Backport to 7.9 - Using advanced search perspective I get warning about 'no document model ... '


  • [REPO-1298] - [7.9] Synchronize updates to the authorization filter
  • [REPO-1314] - [7.9] Make sure old indexes do not need to get their authorized docIdSet re-evaluated upon a delete of a Lucene doc
  • [REPO-1340] - [backport 7.9] It's possible to call OS commands from Groovy script
  • [REPO-1267] - Improve logging of SCXMLWorkflowExecutor to print exception stack only in debug mode


  • [HSTTWO-3363] - Forward port [7.9] create on demand method in org.hippoecm.hst.util.SearchInputParsingUtils to exclude & from the special character list


  • [EFORMS-55] - [Backport 7.9] - Enterprise Forms:Apply validation check on Date Format of the DateField control
  • [EFORMS-236] - Back port to 7.9: Improvements in Dutch labels
  • [EFORMS-244] - Forward port to 7.9: Change access for conditional properties
  • [EFORMS-267] - Backport 7.9 - Improve translations in MailFormDataPlugin_xx.properties


  • [ENT-829] - [Backport 7.9] Use repository ExternalRepositorySyncRevisionService to saveguard journal entries from cleaning before being replicated



Addon HST Config Editor 1.13.05*
Addon Channel Manager 2.26.10*
Addon Search Service 1.03.00
Commons 1.04.02
CMS 2.26.22*
Hippo theme 1.01.05
HST 2.28.13*
Packages 2.26.00
Repository 2.26.18*
Services 1.04.03
Utilities 1.03.01
Project 26.4


Content Blocks 1.11.05
Dashboard Document Wizard 1.05.04*
ECM Tagging 4.07.04
Gallerypicker 1.13.04
HST SEO Support 1.01.00
Poll 1.08.02
Relateddocs 2.10.01
Robotstxt 1.08.01
Resource bundle 1.02.05
Selection 2.08.04
Sitemap 1.06.03
Taxonomy 1.11.05*
TCMP 1.09.00


Addon Reporting 1.08.01
Addon Targeting 2.26.03
Addon Edition Indicator 1.03.01
Addon Advanced Search 1.04.05*
Addon Eforms 1.03.12*
Addon Replication 2.26.04*
Addon Synchronization 2.26.01*


Jackrabbit 2.6.5

(*) - New artifact versions


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