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Release Announcement QA Essentials

September 3, 2013

During the vacation period our QA department has kept on working and as a result we now present the initial release of the QA Essentials, a set of tools that will ease automated testing. The QA Essentials are derived from our own internal tests that we use to verify Hippo CMS.

The QA Essentials are based on Cucumber and Selenium Webdriver and provides you with a set of best practices, documentation, a QA trail, a testing archetype and most importantly, predefined page objects of Hippo functionalities.

These page objects allow you to easily test standard Hippo functionalities such as logging in, the publishing workflow, changing fields, drag-dropping components in the channel manager in a multitude of browsers. Naturally these page objects will be kept up-to-date with every new CMS release.

As of now this functionality is available as a separate enterprise module, pricing can be requested via