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7.8.8 release notes

March 26, 2014

We are happy to announce the availability of new maintenance version of Hippo-CMS 7.8.8. This update brings some improvements and loads of bug fixes; below you can find all the fixes as part of this release. You can bootstrap new projects using archetype 1.07.08.

These new versions of the dependencies have been available for a while, now they are bundled in this release. If the project has been using these dependencies via project pom file, than remove while using this maintenance release. We encourage all projects to remain on the regular maintenance release. Using a tagged artifact that is not yet part of a maintenance release should only be done if there is a specific reason and only after testing in your specific project setup.

Also we are continuously improving the product by fixing issues and backporting improvements and features. You are welcome to take sneak preview on issues fixed in these new tags.



  • [ CMS7-6344] - Improve failure message(s) in translation dialog
  • [ CMS7-7169] - protocol field in rich text editor should be configurable
  • [ CMS7-7542] - Xinha config is not bootstrapped: unrecognized delta semantics
  • [ CMS7-7614] - Merge Xinha changes into XinhaCore
  • [ CMS7-7523] - Tooltip text is not fully shown when used in compound



  • [ HSTTWO-2784] - Backport remove trailing whitespace behind hst relativecontentpath property
  • [ HSTTWO-2801] - Backport 7.8: reduce log level to info as a warn would clutter the logs (HST-1003)
  • [ HSTTWO-2803] - Backport Log level in ResourceUtils#lookupResource too high



  • [ REPO-740] - Repository servlet should show the total amount of results (getTotalSize)
  • [ REPO-776] - Skip the expensive access check in HippoQueryResult since we have authorized queries already
  • [ REPO-779] - Backport: Do not by default fetch and authorize *all* nodes for a query and make search cacheSize higher

New Feature


  • [ CMS7-7440] - Backport CMS7-7434 to 7.8: Enhance xml import in cms console


  • [ REPO-888] - Backport (7.8) - Add a way to retrieve all localized names of a node and remove all but one new localized name



  • [ CMS7-6331] - Long <a> tags result in whitespace at start of paragraphs
  • [ CMS7-6433] - New Folder dialog issues Wicket Warning
  • [ CMS7-7200] - Template composer: Boolean component parameters cannot be turned off
  • [ CMS7-7423] - Forwardport CMS7-7026 to 7.8: Full screen image cropper sometimes fails in Chrome
  • [ CMS7-7439] - Backport fix of CMS7-7406 to 7.8: Picking a link for a root path which contains UTF-8 (e. g. Chinese) characters doesn't work in case of the GoGreen Installer
  • [ CMS7-7444] - Backport: Action failed when tap to click on OK in translate document window on Mac OS X
  • [ CMS7-7476] - View issues with resource field (combination of upload and other field) in cms 2.24.07
  • [ CMS7-7491] - Path not found during auto-export
  • [ CMS7-7493] - Broken Links Checker - CND property additions need reload on startup
  • [ CMS7-7502] - Unable to open documents in Internet Explorer 8
  • [ CMS7-7506] - Backport (7.8) - Action failed when tap to click on OK in translate document window on Mac OS X
  • [ CMS7-7507] - Go Green 7.8 instance shutting down, JVM report stacktrace related to brokenlinks.LinkChecker
  • [ CMS7-7526] - Backport Message "Failed to publish HST-configuration" is given, but the action actually ended succesfully
  • [ CMS7-7535] - The last item checkbox in the referring documents dialog can not be activated
  • [ CMS7-6647] - Pagination labels not translated
  • [ CMS7-7508] - Backport CMS7-7441: Translation behavior is not as expected
  • [ CMS7-7559] - Renaming a document not possible under certain conditions
  • [ CMS7-7563] - Backport CMS7-7032 Changing the user password while editing a channel breaks the Channel Manager view
  • [ CMS7-7633] - Backport (7.8) - Documents and folders get locale-specific names by default
  • [ CMS7-7618] - Backport 7.8 - When setting a mixin in the console, the Primary Type stops getting updated
  • [ CMS7-7639] - Backport the fixes of CMS7-7638: Autoexport should be regarded as disabled when exception occurs while reading module configuration
  • [ CMS7-7646] - UTF-8 characters in property files do not render properly and must be escaped
  • [ CMS7-7669] - Layout of embedded resource is broken



  • [ HSTTWO-2771] - Backport DocumentsResource#getBestLink contains typo through which it sometimes can return a non-best mount match for a document
  • [ HSTTWO-2778] - backport classloading issue with hst workflow regarding hst-commons nodeutils
  • [ HSTTWO-2793] - Suppress warning in log when opening a non published document in the CMS
  • [ HSTTWO-2796] - hst:include statements in freemarker do not work on Weblogic
  • [ HSTTWO-2799] - Backport 7.8 - CXF JAXRS services cannot share JAXRS providers with injectable (annotated) fields
  • [ HSTTWO-2804] - ActionValve logs warning on 404
  • [ HSTTWO-2805] - Backport : ResolvedSiteMapItemImpl - throws NPE when proccessing url with _default_
  • [ HSTTWO-2808] - Backport When a sitemap parameter value contains property place holders that are not present, an NPE is thrown
  • [ HSTTWO-2812] - hst:facetnavigationlink does not remove facet values with special characters



  • [ REPO-762] - Repository logs errors about nodetype registrations in a clustered environment
  • [ REPO-791] - JcrUtils#copy fails when copying a node to a sibling that starts with name of node to be copied
  • [ REPO-806] - Backport REPO-785: Versioning operations via the VersionManager must be done with virtual layers disabled
  • [ REPO-813] - Scheduling a repeating job with a repeat interval of 5 minutes fires repeating triggers every 30 seconds more or less
  • [ REPO-774] - Child axis queries with non existing index number in path fail
  • [ REPO-852] - Groovy script that calls an unknown method cannot be removed from the queue
  • [ REPO-859] - Backport REPO-858 to 7.8.xx (2.24.xx): QueryString is not escaped when printing error in RepositoryServlet
  • [ REPO-881] - tilde in repo.path is expanded for the h2 database but not for the index
  • [ REPO-886] - DateTools: Raw array returned instead of copy



  • [ HSTCONFIGEDIT-132] - Backport: Order of menu items in menu designer not preserved



  • [ CMS7-7453] - Forward-Port: Regression - CMS dialog (pop-ups) are not opening in IE 9
  • [ CMS7-7528] - Create channel manager property translations for 'timeout' messages
  • [ CMS7-7520] - Bump related documents plugin version to 2.08.12
  • [ CMS7-7466] - Backport CMS7-7335 to 7.8: NPE in BlueprintStore.getTotal()


  • [ HSTTWO-2792] - Backport: HTTP session does not perform SSO handshake again when a user's credentials have changed



Addon HST Config Editor 1.11.06*
Addon Channel Manager 2.24.11*
Addon Search Service 1.01.00
Commons 1.02.06
CMS 2.24.10*
HST 2.26.10*
Packages 2.24.01
Repository 2.24.12*
Services 1.02.03
Utilities 1.01.04*
Project 22.2





Content Blocks 1.09.04*
Dashboard Document Wizard 1.03.11
Easy Forms 2.12.14*
ECM Tagging 4.05.02*
Gallerypicker 1.11.03*
Poll 1.06.01
Properties 2.08.01*
Relateddocs 2.08.12*
Robotstxt 1.06.00
Selection 2.06.06*
Sitemap 1.04.01*
Taxonomy 1.09.04*
TCMP 1.07.00


Addon Newsletter Manager 1.03.02
Addon Reporting 1.06.02
Addon Targeting 2.24.05
Addon Edition Indicator 1.01.02
Addon Advanced Search 1.02.02*



Jackrabbit 2.2.12-h1




Archtypes 1.07.08*


(*) - New artifact versions


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