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7.8.5 release notes

October 11, 2013

The Hippo team is excited to announce the availability of Hippo-CMS 7.8.5 for general use. This update bring number of improvements and fixes including:

We strongly encourage the projects running on 7.8.x to upgrade to this version to avail the improvements and fixes. To do so just bump the project's pom.xml hippo-cms7-release parent version from 7.8.x to 7.8.5. This will provide all the new dependencies. Bootstrap new projects from archetype 1.07.05.

We discovered and fixed a blocker issue while upgrading one of our internal project to 7.8.5 wherein "member of system user is not preserved while adding a new user to admin group (CMS7-7435)". Another issue resolved is CMS7-7410. So while upgrading the project to 7.8.5, include CMS version 2.24.07 and Channel Manager Addon 2.24.09 in the project pom:

    HST upgrade information:
  • If the project is using the 'sitewriter' user to persist form-data then read the newly added section "Allow Sitewriter to read hst:formfieldvalue nodes" in the documentation about upgrading users, groups and domains from 7.7 to 7.8.
  • "hst-container" and "hst-container-item" are moved to channel manager which is updated in our documentation page troubleshooting upgrade to 7.8 under similar section.


CMS7-7150 Backport: Xinha: add 'save and close' button to Xinha toolbar which closes Xinha (CMS7-7149)
CMS7-7328 Backport: Remove duplicate hst-container-item when it's defined in the template of a component
CMS7-7386 Backport: Add extra exclusions to auto-export config for hst preview configs
CMS7-7383 Allow resource bundle overriding by repository based translation
CMS7-7354 Backport to 7.8.x - Support Hints in document [type] editor
CMS7-7346 BACKPORT - Make field plugins more robust in case of incorrect configuration
CMS7-7344 Use Maven javadoc plugin version 2.9.1
CMS7-7306 Broken Links - Simplify Daemon Module by using AbstractReconfigurableSchedulingDaemonModule
CMS7-7304 Backport: Make channel manager css classes for containers and items more flexible
CMS7-7301 Broken Links - Check Validity of Internal Document Links
CMS7-7300 Broken Links - Configurable Options to exclude certain external URLs
CMS7-7287 Refactor Broken Links Checker to use new Repository Scheduler Service instead of deprecated workflow dropbox module
REPO-768 Improve the FolderWorkflow so it is capable of reordering same name siblings
REPO-767 Backport: make faceted navigation nodes orderable so the cms console does not reshuffle the nodes
REPO-760 Provide a way not to leave audit logs for specific workflow actions (operations)
REPO-727 Introduce Abstract Job Scheduling Module doing most of the plumbing
REPO-725 Deprecated Workflow Dropbox Module

HSTTWO-2669 Backport More efficiently load child beans for HippoItem
HSTTWO-2665 Backport: Improve logging HST when some components are rendered but not part of the response
HSTTWO-2663 Backport: Do not show hst-container or hst-container-item class attr on divs outside channel manager
HSTTWO-2661 Also expose HstRequestContext through DefineObjectsTag
HSTTWO-2706 null check on servletContext in base hst component
HSTTWO-2702 Backport possible NPE in HstRequestContextImpl#clearObjectAndQueryManagers because of typo
HST config editor
HSTCONFIGEDIT-130 Better label for 'locked' part of pages and components in case of fine-grained locking
Advanced search
ENT-386 Advanced Search - Generic Simple Property Filter for easier plugin dev

Bug fixes
CMS7-7391 Unit test failing for CMS 2.24.xx
CMS7-7387 Regression: configuring sorting on facet node don't have any effect
CMS7-7380 Reordering Same Name Siblings does not work
CMS7-7375 Broken Links Checker: too much logging about invalid URL characters
CMS7-7374 Broken Links Checker: don't log into audit-log
CMS7-7368 Backport (7.8) - IE8: Channelmanager throws error on conditional comments
CMS7-7364 Error viewing users from external system belonging to a group
CMS7-7362 NPE in console tree when specifying empty path request parameter
CMS7-7348 Javascript error after creation of new channel
CMS7-7333 IE9: window.history.pushState is not supported in IE <= 9
CMS7-7221 system users must not be visible in overview of users in group
CMS7-7196 [Forward port 7.8] Xinha, Stylelist plugin doesn't work with a selection of paragraphs
CMS7-7161 Setting String field size property does not do anything
CMS7-6993 Xinha: stylist plugin does not clean up HTML after removing a style
REPO-759 [BACKPORT] Facet navigation tree showing draft documents
REPO-752 Index consistency check marks roughly half the nodes as false positive on large database.
REPO-751 Updater temp files not being cleaned up.
REPO-749 Loading nodes in index and database consistency checkers might fail when the last node of a batch was removed concurrently
REPO-770 [Backport] Sorting of modules based on dependencies between them is broken
REPO-735 Regression - Author is unable to save a document after removing a link
REPO-733 Possible NPE for system jcr sessions
REPO-728 Backport AbstractReconfigurableDaemonModule#onConfigurationChange()
HSTTWO-2715 Nullpointer exception in unittest when updating repository version in 7.8.4
HSTTWO-2708 Backport : HST JAAS Login Support doesn't work by default due to hst-commons jar location since 7.8
HSTTWO-2693 Ordering of faceted navigation resultset through HippoFacetNavigationBean is wrong
HSTTWO-2689 hst:facetnavigationlink removes facet values with similar names
HSTTWO-2687 Backport (7.8) - Regression - Channel manager blue print, event subsite: Document Folder is created for an incorrect channel configuration
HSTTWO-2686 Backport CachingObjectConverter can throw IllegalStateException when getting an absent bean twice
HSTTWO-2683 backport In case a request gets 'forwarded' the object and/or query managers from the hst request context need to be cleared
HSTTWO-2681 For backwards compatibility, set the object converter on the servletContext for the 7.8.x
HSTTWO-2673 Backport HstResponseUtils#sendPermanentRedirect does not always result in a 301
HSTTWO-2660 DefineObjectsTag throws NPE when included in ErrorPageXXX.jsp
HSTTWO-2591 Backport: Link to unpublished document contains URL of non-published document
BT-439 Personas REST endpoint throws NPE when 'collectors' parameter is missing
BT-425 Proxy ip address is stored in request log

project 22.2*
commons 1.02.06*
services 1.02.03
utilities 1.01.03
repository 2.24.09*
cms 2.24.06*
addon-hst-configuration-editor 1.11.05*
addon-search-service 1.01.00
addon-channel-manager 2.24.08*
packages 2.24.01
hst 2.26.08*
dashboard-document-wizard 1.03.11
gallerypicker 1.11.02*
easy-forms 2.12.11
poll 1.06.01
relateddocs 2.08.09
selection 2.06.04*
sitemap 1.04.00
taxonomy 1.09.03
tcmp 1.07.00
properties 2.08.00
content-blocks 1.09.02
ecm-tagging 4.05.01
robotstxt 1.06.00
targeting 2.24.04*
addon-advanced-search 1.02.01*
addon-edition-indicator 1.01.02
newsletter-manager 1.03.02
reporting 1.06.01
jackrabbit 2.2.12-h1
Archetypes 1.07.05*
Go Green 3.07.07*
Go Green ENT 3.07.07*

(*) - New artifact versions

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