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7.8.4 release notes

August 13, 2013

The maintenance release of 7.8.4 is available for general use. This update brings some interesting features, performance improvements and the usual "bug fixes". To name a few:

For a detailed insight refer the below list of JIRAs in our repository. To upgrade 7.8 based project, bump project pom version 7.8.xx to 7.8.4, this will provide all the new dependencies. Bootstrap the new projects from archetype 1.07.04.
  • Only to projects using easy forms plugin - if there are project specific form types derived from the standard form, be sure to copy node /hippo:namespaces/ef/form/editor:templates/_default_/root/layout.wireframe to the editor root nodes of these form types. Also, use hippo:reloadonstartup flags in hippoecm-extension.xml and startup flag -Drepo.bootstrap=true to reload the items.
  • If you have been using these dependencies by adding them to your project's pom file, please remove them while using this maintenance release. We encourage all projects to remain on regular maintenance release. Using a tagged artifact that is not yet part of a maintenance release should only be done if there is a specific reason and only after testing in your specific project setup.

Have fun developing with HippoCMS.

Junaid K - Release Manager

New Features & Improvements
CMS7-7199 Support finegrained locking and publication in channel manager
CMS7-7226 Context based log filtering with log4j-1.2.x
CMS7-7105 Change appearance of the Console in different environments
CMS7-7072 Use the wicket image uploader by default instead of the flash one
CMS7-7085 Xinha: Stylist plugin should surround block elements instead of replacing them
CMS7-7211 Add translations for new channel manager properties
CMS7-7212 Add German translations for new channel manager properties
CMS7-7213 Add French translations for new channel manager properties
REPO-715 Add a light-weight method to HippoSession for discarding the transient item states that does not sync the cluster node
REPO-716 Make Lucene indexes smaller while keep having similarity searches supported
REPO-691 Implement #hashCode, #equals and #toString of DomainRuleExtension
REPO-690 Concatenate user IDs in security delegated session
REPO-702 Exclude from node indexing configuration setting not read correctly
HSTTWO-2583 Use security delegate session for cms preview
HSTTWO-2557 Backport : Support sitemenu items to be only visible for visitors in the right role
HSTTWO-2597 Backport : Support finegrained locking and publication in channel mananger
HSTTWO-2642 Document HST Generic External Web Application Framework Integration Support
HSTTWO-2622 Backport : Generic External Web Application Framework Integration Support
HSTTWO-2595 Backport : Make using security delegate configurable and default is off
HSTTWO-2627 deprecate BaseHstComponent parts in the 7.8 that are removed in the 7.9
HSTTWO-2641 backport Improve ContentBeansTool so it can also return a objectbeanmanager backed by a different jcr session than default one from request context
HSTTWO-2616 Backport : Add to HstResponseUtils a utility sendPermanentRedirect and make sure that after a permanent redirect component aggregation is short-circuited
HSTTWO-2579 Backport: Give jcr sessions in hst pools a maxTimeToLive
HSTTWO-2635 Backport : Use localRefresh for refreshing jcr sessions in hst session pools
HSTTWO-2588 Backport : Support parameters of mount (by hst:parameternames and hst:parametervalues) to be used in sitemapitem/component
HSTTWO-2586 Backport: Reduce memory consumption of HST configuration model
HSTTWO-2636 having multiple resources bundles per page/template
HSTTWO-2532 Document 'HstFilter may want to proceed with the next filter chain after processing sitemap handlers'
HSTTWO-2648 Backport : remove methods from ContentBeansTool that return request bound objects
HSTTWO-2587 Backport: Support parameters of mount (by hst:parameternames and hst:parametervalues) to be used in sitemapitem/component
HSTTWO-2589 Backport: Formdata nodes are never cleaned up
HSTTWO-2529 Document ESI asyncmode support and ESI tags processing
HSTTWO-2623 Deprecate HstBaseComponent#getLocalAnnotatedClasses() as since annotated beans scanning it is completely redundant
HSTCONFIGEDIT-127 Add parameters to the SiteMap configuration editor
CMS7-7204 Component properties panel doesn't resize
CMS7-7283 Backport (7.8) - Firefox 22.0 shows component properties during drag & drop of container components
CMS7-7249 Tag & deploy channel manager 2.24.04
CMS7-7178 Backport: Xinha: nested lists are broken after a save (CMS7-7084)
CMS7-7214 non-webadmin gets error in channel manager when opening a channel with changes
CMS7-7231 Backport (7.8) - Changes notification not visible for authors it's incorrectly placed
CMS7-7181 [Forward port 7.8] Xhina first soft enter (<br/>) is not working for Webkit browsers
CMS7-7222 Activitiy Stream Lists Parent Folder Name of Renamed Folder
CMS7-7270 Regression - Component properties window is missing scroll bar
CMS7-7037 Backport issue CMS7-6989, 6971 to 7.8 - Regression: dragging the channel and component properties boxes up on the screen is hard
CMS7-7061 Xinha: <br/> elements for empty field only removed in wysiwyg mode
CMS7-7282 Backport (7.8) - The 'you have unpublished changes' yellow bar is not removed when publishing or discarding changes
CMS7-7266 Sessions to CMS are not cleaned up leading to OOM
CMS7-7191 Backport (CMS7-7165): Regression: Can't open document in editor
CMS7-7273 backport : when editing a document type in cms, after committing it, the hippotranslation:translated mixin is gone from the prototype
CMS7-7092 Renaming a folder doesn't create a correctly localised hippo:translation node
CMS7-7250 Channel Manager: White overlay and no spinner while page is loading
CMS7-7240 User Search searches in too many fields
CMS7-7141 Making a hippo mirror field mandatory has no effect
CMS7-7285 Backport (7.8) - After saving in the properties window, the initialVariant (which should be selected on window close) is switched
CMS7-7157 Upgrade from 7.7 to 7.8 breaks admin perspective
CMS7-7147 [BACKPORT 7.8] User search when adding a user to a group does not work
CMS7-7217 Incorrect indication of who has changes in Channel Manager overview when using fine grained locking
CMS7-7202 Confirmation message when discarding multiple users' changes in Channel Manager only displays the name of the first user
REPO-678 Repository fails to start up due to runtime exception thrown by ServicingNodeIndexer
REPO-675 Backport : The folder workflow allows non-empty folders to be deleted
REPO-717 Inconsistent encoding usages when saving/reading hippo:text
REPO-726 Add method to scheduler to run job now
REPO-719 Scheduled repeating jobs sometimes don't restart after a server restart
REPO-710 Session refresh triggers faceted navigation populate
REPO-673 test cleanup may delete non-temporary files
REPO-695 Deprecate ManagerService
REPO-703 Updater does not preserve property type for empty multi-valued properties when going to relaxed cnds
REPO-669 Add possibility to delegate credentials of one session to another
REPO-692 Backport RepositoryScheduler#checkExists functionality
REPO-677 Synchronization bug in EventLogCleanupModule
REPO-665 Backport (7.8): Event log cleaner doesn't cleanup empty folders
REPO-682 Tag 2.24.05
REPO-712 Scheduling an indefinitely repeating job fails
REPO-724 Backport fix in StandardHippoAnalyzer discovered by Sonar, REPO-722
REPO-708 improve performance of faceted navigation
HSTTWO-2577 Backport HST session pools should be cleared after any change below /hippo:configuration
HSTTWO-2572 Execution order of sitemap item handlers is not kept as ordered from the configuration (hst:sitemapitemhandlerids) of sitemap item
HSTTWO-2601 switch on hst manager invalidation through jcr session pending changes again
HSTTWO-2612 having multiple cmslocations in multiple different hostgroups (acct, test, prod) fails to load some cmslocations as hst host
HSTTWO-2571 Using MockHstRequestContext in unit tests causes ClassCastException
HSTTWO-2611 Fix some loggers in hst-commons as they use a noop logger by accident
HSTTWO-2645 Backport: Add the 'request specific' created object from ContentBeansTool to HstRequestContext
HSTTWO-2638 Backport (7.8) - Channel#getContentRoot returns null for blueprints that have a content prototype
HSTTWO-2614 deprecate the special logging through HstService for hst-commons
HSTTWO-2644 HstRequestContextImpl returns wrong cached bean for siteContentBean
HSTTWO-2600 temporarily switch off hst manager invalidation through session pending changes
HSTTWO-2534 branch 2.26.xx
HSTTWO-2620 Backport : Fine grained locking: containers are locked for current user when moving components
HSTTWO-2651 Possible deadlock in case of session stateful processing
HSTTWO-2649 Backport Implement request based caching for ObjectConverter
HSTTWO-2602 FORWARD PORT: In case of a session security delegate is used. all faceted navigation nodes including the ones with a free text search are fetched by the same session
HSTTWO-2605 Cosmetic issue: Keep insertion order of attributes of Head contribution elements
HIPPLUG-260 In the form editor, add a separate scrollable column for the right hand side 'Add Field' and 'Field Properties' boxes.
HIPPLUG-663 When a dropdown was added to a form, saving the form failed.
HIPPLUG-668 Use persistable session when acccessing nodes under formdata node, so explicit domains for write access not needed anymore.
CMS7-7141 Better support for mandatory hippo mirror field.
GOGREEN-14 To determine the votes percentage of an option, use regular rounding on doubles instead of dividing longs, leading to less deviation of the 100% total. Added PollVotesBean#getTotalVotesPercentageAsDouble and PollVotesBean.Option#getVotesPercentageAsDouble() for that purpose.
HIPPLUG-628 Add star (*) in DynamicMultiSelect when field is required.
HIPPLUG-645 Avoid exception when value list is not translated.
HIPPLUG-660 Preserve order of items in the returned map in SelectionUtil#valueListAsMap()
HIPPLUG-647 Bugfix: NullPointerException in SitemapFeedBasedOnHstSitemap.
HIPPLUG-648 Improvement: dependencies and import updated to Hippo CMS 7.8.2 equivalents. Has lead to compatibility with CMS 7.8 and up only.
HIPPLUG-291 When adding a new category through the CMS, the keyed in name ends up as the label now.
HIPPLUG-659 Add possibility by configuration to make keys URL friendly. See page CMS Configuration.
HIPPLUG-290 Improve usability by showing the key while editing a taxonomy item.
HIPPLUG-622 Improved the UI that showed extraneous scrollbar in the content blocks field in Hippo 7.8.
HIPPLUG-687 TagCloud plugin reads /tags node hardcodedly - now configurable with the tags.index propery in the tree views
BT-416 Persona names are not shown in Visitor Analysis
BT-417 Template composer customizations are still loaded for users that do not load the experience optimizer
BT-429 Backport (7.8) - Cannot implement custom collector by depending on api module only
BT-427 Backport (7.8) - TermsFrequencyCharacteristicPlugin does not show collected terms in the list of visitor characteristics
BT-431 Backport (7.8) - TargetingDataCheckboxGroup assumes targeting data is a comma-separated string

commons* 1.02.04
services 1.02.03
utilities 1.01.03
repository* 2.24.07
cms* 2.24.04
addon-hst-configuration-editor* 1.11.04
addon-search-service 1.01.00
addon-channel-manager* 2.24.05
packages 2.24.01
hst* 2.26.05
dashboard-document-wizard 1.03.11
gallerypicker* 1.11.01
easy-forms* 2.12.11
poll* 1.06.01
relateddocs 2.08.09
selection* 2.06.03
sitemap* 1.04.00
taxonomy* 1.09.03
tcmp 1.07.00
properties 2.08.00
content-blocks* 1.09.02
ecm-tagging* 4.05.01
robotstxt 1.06.00
targeting* 2.24.03
addon-advanced-search 1.02.00
addon-edition-indicator 1.01.02
newsletter-manager 1.03.02
reporting 1.06.01
jackrabbit 2.2.12-h1
Archetypes* 1.07.04

(*) - New artifact versions

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