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7.8.2 release notes

April 29, 2013

Hello All, I am happy to announce the availability of first maintenance release on latest HippoCMS 7.8 series which is 7.8.2. Updating your 7.8 project pom with 7.8.2 version should provide you these dependencies*. New projects can bootstrap using new archetype version 1.07.02, follow our developer trail for quick start-up. The developers who follow our maven repository may have noticed the new versions of these dependencies are available for a while now. If you have been using these dependencies by adding them to your project's pom file, please remove them while using this maintenance release. We encourage all projects to remain on regular maintenance release. Using a tagged artifact that is not yet part of a maintenance release should only be done if there is a specific reason and only after testing in your specific project setup.

Thanks & regards,
Hippo R&D team.
Improvements & bug fixes
CMS7-7030 Regression: Component properties box is blank when allowCreation is set to true
CMS7-7015 Bump CXF version to latest 2.6.x
CMS7-7009 Output-wicketpaths init parameter should be a context parameter
CMS7-7048 Backport CMS7-7039: Regression: Unable to close image picker dialog when uploading fails (Flash off)
CMS7-7036 Backport CMS7-6943 to 7.8 & 7.7: Dutch date format validation error in document editor displays wicket component id instead of field name
CMS7-6998 7.8 Forward port: expiring password message is not well translated
CMS7-7051 Backport CMS7-6987: Regression: Document type editor does not show moving a field to another column
CMS7-6996 Forward port CMS7-6949: DocumentService returns null, and doesn't invoke the rest service
CMS7-6965 Missing German translations
CMS7-6927 Forward-Port: Double click on internal link breaks the link picker
CMS7-6957 Forward-Port: NPE in LayoutProvider
CMS7-6948 Forward-Port: Improve logging of StateIconAttributes
CMS7-7021 Forward port (CMS7-6981) to 7.8 and trunk: In "Control panel > Permissions" screen, admin user can't view/edit a group or user when the group name has an apostrophe '
CMS7-6969 Brokenlinks: Error and stactrace logged: "Connection pool shut down"
CMS7-6838 Broken links (Forward port CMS7-6794 to 7.8): Status for server not found unclear
CMS7-6931 Forward-Port: Unbounded Scaling Results in Original
CMS7-7014 Backport CMS7-7008: FORCE_CLIENT_HOST=true seems to be missing for keepalive pinger from channel manager
CMS7-6983 Preview documents with wild cards thow error
CMS7-6994 Support field groups for HST component parameters
CMS7-6458 Remove build warnings and errors
CMS7-7045 Add warning log when RestProxyServicePlugin gets non-OK response from the ping service URL
REPO-638 Changes and/or original content of a document are not shown in preview
REPO-637 HippoLuceneQueryHits sometimes gives results when the scorer should have no results
REPO-636 Reloading initialize items should order the reloaded node at the position it was before
REPO-629 document repository fast date ranges
REPO-624 Declare and configure daemon modules in the repository
REPO-642 [Backport] Range query done by event log clean up module causes OOM error
REPO-635 JCR-SQL2 inner joins don't work
REPO-651 Event bus should be destroyed when repository application is shut down
HSTCONFIGEDIT-122 Regression: Hst configuration editor cannot pick documents any more for sitemap items
HSTCONFIGEDIT-123 HstContentPickerDialog for sitemap items also show items like hippo:translations and faceted navigation nodes
HSTTWO-2524 When project does not have a hst-config property 'repository.pool.user.name.separator', the BeanUtils#getCredentialsDomainSeparator returns null
HSTTWO-1303 seamless https/http support in HST through scheme on SiteMapItem level
HSTTWO-2525 Setting continue-rendering-after-exception parameter for enabling Freemarker support leads to freemarker.core.Configurable$UnknownSettingException
HSTTWO-2502 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in HstContainerURLProviderImpl when html contains a link like '/site/#'.
HSTTWO-2523 JCRSessionStatefulConcurrencyValve can incorrectly assume a session stateful jcr LazySession
HSTTWO-2501 Allow creation of action/render/resource urls from a ResourceResponse
HSTTWO-2152 Give a warning when the cmslocation of a virtualhostgroup is blank
HSTTWO-2324 Document how to use HttpSessionCreatedEvent and HttpSessionDestroyedEvent
HSTTWO-2457 Document ModuleInstance support
HSTTWO-2108 When writing invalid Locale a 500 is returned
HSTTWO-2475 Return 404 on unauthorized POST requests from channel manager
HSTTWO-2476 Reintroduce keepalive resource for template composer
HSTTWO-2399 HSTTWO-1303 Improve VirtualHostService#getBaseURL to use scheme from request
HSTTWO-2494 HSTTWO-1303 Support the request to be short circuited or continued when the request scheme is different than the scheme configured on the mount or sitemap item
HSTTWO-2500 HSTTWO-1303 Support to mark a host, mount or sitemapitem to be scheme agnostic
HSTTWO-2493 HSTTWO-1303 Support out of the box correct linking between http and https mounts/sitemapitems
HSTTWO-2503 HSTTWO-1303 bug found: When accessing a url over http but sitemapitem marked as https, the redirect results in showing contextpath twice
HSTTWO-2510 HSTTWO-1303 Document http/https support
HSTTWO-2522 Make RequestInfoCacheKeyAppender injectable for PageCachingValve
HSTTWO-2408 Add seamless support for ESI (edge side includes)
HSTTWO-2513 Basic ESI Tags Processing in PageCachingValve
HSTTWO-2229 Viewing authenticated pages via the channel manager should optionally bypass the JAAS authentication
HSTTWO-2438 Remove the hst:site preview nodes as they are no longer needed
HSTTWO-2463 HstFilter may want to proceed with the next filter chain after processing sitemap handlers.
HSTTWO-2521 PageCachingValve ignores multi-valued Cache-Control header
HSTTWO-2103 Document how to add observers in an end project
HSTTWO-2481 Document the @Persistable annotation for HstComponents doAction
HSTTWO-2482 <hst:resourceURL /> and parameter.namespace.ignored
HSTTWO-2486 Document hst fast date range query support
HSTTWO-2472 Document dynamically loaded 'resource bundles' from repository
HSTTWO-2491 Scheme is not propagated correctly when hst:scheme is defined but empty. In that case parent value should be inherited
HSTTWO-2490 possible IndexOutOfBoundsException in HstRequestUtils#getRenderingHost due to using offset of wrong host
HSTTWO-2504 Extensibility for asynchronous component window rendering
HSTTWO-2507 Document that async components cannot contribute to headContributions
HSTTWO-2508 HST async obfuscates copyright
HSTTWO-2509 Default ordering of valves in pipeline should be fixed even if before/after valves is not set
HSTTWO-2505 resource bundle values are split on "," into a list
HSTTWO-2498 Part two : Allow to control valve execution orders by specifying 'before' and 'after'
HSTTWO-2485 Allow to control valve execution orders by specifying 'before' and 'after'
HSTTWO-2515 Document orderable valve support in
HSTTWO-2516 Allow to inject mocking HstRequestContext into RequestContextProvider for easier unit testing
HSTTWO-2480 When request has hst:subjectbasedsession = true, the faceted navigation combined with free text search should create a disposable session for the subject based session
HSTTWO-2520 NPE in SiteMapItemHandlerConfigurationImpl#getRawProperty() when no property is configured.
HSTTWO-2517 NoSuchElementException when no resource bundle document exists
HSTTWO-2519 In BaseHstURLTag use HstRequestUtils.getFullyQualifiedHstURL in case the url must be fully qualified
HSTTWO-2514 When page caching is turned on (hst:cacheable=true), resource url request causes exception.
HSTTWO-2497 Support field groups for HST component parameters

commons 1.02.02
services 1.02.02
utilities 1.01.03
repository 2.24.03*
cms 2.24.02*
addon-hst-configuration-editor 1.11.02*
addon-search-service 1.01.00
addon-channel-manager 2.24.02*
packages 2.24.01
hst 2.26.02*
dashboard-document-wizard 1.03.11*
gallerypicker 1.11.00
easy-forms 2.12.09*
poll 1.06.00
relateddocs 2.08.09
selection 2.06.02*
sitemap 1.03.02*
taxonomy 1.09.02*
tcmp 1.07.00
properties 2.08.00
content-blocks 1.09.01*
ecm-tagging 4.05.00
robotstxt 1.06.00
targeting 2.24.01
addon-advanced-search 1.01.00
addon-edition-indicator 1.01.02
newsletter-manager 1.03.05
reporting 1.06.01
jackrabbit 2.2.12-h1
Demos and likes
Archetypes 1.07.02

(*) - New artifact versions.

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