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Release Notes 7.7.4

29 June 2012 


Dear All,

As promised (with few hours of delay) here is the New Maintenance Release 7.7.4. This version includes some improvements and several bug fixes. Updating project's parent pom with this version should provide you these dependencies. New projects can be bootstrapped using the new archetype version 1.05.06


The Hippo R&D Team

New Features and Improvements


  • CMS7-6195 Remove non available artifacts from release pom dependency management
  • CMS7-6230 Use hst-preview content as context to initialize the Hst Config Editor
  • CMS7-6165 Use JCR observations to invalidate user & group data provider cache
  • CMS7-6164 Context menu drop down button is not of proper size.
  • CMS7-6140 Disable user creation, in-case LDAP is hooked for authentication
  • CMS7-5433 Image cropper doesn't work correctly on thumbnails resized to height 0px
  • CMS7-5317 Limit the number of fields that can be added in a multiple
  • CMS7-5832 Custom Field Validation Service


  • REPO-384 Add option to skip consistency check during test case shutdown
  • REPO-376 Support indexed node names for combine directives in delta import files


  • HSTTWO-2187 Support to load different image variant variants in hst:html depending on CONTEXT
  • HSTTWO-2161 Possible stackoverflow in SpringComponentManager#getComponent when exception is thrown and there is no logger available in HstServices
  • HSTCONFIGEDIT-104 Add ability to set more information on hst site menu items like repository based properties and parameters

Bugs and Tasks


  • CMS7-6241 [BACKPORT] A faulty channel manager configuration prevents editing of documents
  • CMS7-6237 [BACKPORT] Move future.js from channel manager to cms api
  • CMS7-6235 [BACKPORT] Misuse of domain rules to control frontend applications login
  • CMS7-6216 External css link element with a title attribute is blocking dynamic injected channel manager styles
  • CMS7-6215 New channel groups, added due to adding a channel are not getting rendered
  • CMS7-6207 Boolean template composer parameters do not work
  • CMS7-6190 Focus handling after inserting a compound element is inconsistent
  • CMS7-6179 wicket tree styling in cms is not complete
  • CMS7-6167 IE9: Top links do not work in console
  • CMS7-6162 Some UI components do not fallback to the default locale resources when no resources are found for the current user locale.
  • CMS7-6155 [BACPORT - 2.22.07] - Can't access Permissions overview after giving a group with a space in it permissions
  • CMS7-6149 Backport the fixes of CMS7-6030: Typo in "references" dialog 
  • CMS7-6146 CMS7-5823 Add System logger for logging system events
  • CMS7-6145 (H)CMS - Hippo - InstantOutages - No validation for Compound required Fields
  • CMS7-6138 Linkpicker ok button is enabled on incorrect document.
  • CMS7-6133 Both CMS and Console use same exact cookie instance where they shouldn't
  • CMS7-6103 Searching with "-" in Hippo CMS doens't work well
  • CMS7-6037 Update the year in copyright notice for CMS branch (2.22.xx)
  • CMS7-5761 Dutch translations for broken links addon are missing or invalid


  • REPO-385 relative path is used to find $inherited value in folder workflow
  • REPO-382 Workflow actions are no longer logged to the audit log


  • HSTTWO-2194 HST can't handle HTTP/1.0 requests and fails with a NPE
  • HSTTWO-2189 Add HST preview mount point content path to channel
  • HSTTWO-2182 Hst component inheritance can fail to correctly inherit hst:inheritsfrom 
  • HSTTWO-2166 Update the year in copyright notice for HST branch (2.24.xx)
  • HSTTWO-2140 SiteMapItemTag does not work with preferItemId
  • HSTTWO-2039 NPE during shutdown

Artifacts and Version Numbers


  • commons 1.01.00
  • repository 2.22.07
  • cms 2.22.07
  • addon-faceteddate 2.22.01
  • addon-publication-workflow 2.22.04
  • addon-hst-configuration-editor 1.09.02
  • addon-channel-manager 2.22.04
  • addon-google-analytics 2.22.02
  • addon-brokenlinks 2.22.02
  • addon-automatic-export 2.02.03
  • packages 2.22.04
  • hst 2.24.05


  • dashboard-document-wizard 1.03.09
  • gallerypicker 1.10.01
  • easy-forms-cms 2.10.03
  • easy-forms-hst 2.10.02
  • poll 1.05.04
  • relateddocs 2.08.06
  • selection 2.05.06
  • sitemap 1.02.01
  • taxonomy 1.08.04
  • tcmp 1.05.02
  • properties 2.07.04
  • content-blocks 1.08.02
  • ecm-tagging 4.04.01


  • jackrabbit 2.2.12-h1


  • Archetypes 1.05.06 
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