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Release Notes 7.7.3

May 31st, 2012  


Dear All,

Here again, we're happy to announce the new maintenance release 7.7.3. This version includes improvements and bug fixes (also for minor security issues).

Updating project's parent pom with this version should provide you these dependencies.

New projects can be bootstrapped using the new archetype version 1.05.05.

Regards, The Hippo R&D Team


  • [HSTTWO-2114] - Better default for to avoid the very rare NoAvailableSessionException
  • [REPO-363] - Upgrade to jackrabbit 2.2.12
  • [REPO-365] - Provide an easier way for modules to delay firing after upgrade
  • [CMS7-6129] - Remove all wicket resource related to DirectLoginPlugin


  • [CMS7-6062] - User column in revision history is empty
  • [CMS7-6132] - Log audit event for (un)successful login
  • [CMS7-6122] - Remember Me allows user to be logged in twice
  • [CMS7-5605] - Link or imageLink compound fields disregard their 'required' validation
  • [CMS7-5930] - "Reject request" needs ellipsis...
  • [CMS7-6042] - Document Picker Pagination-Label Color
  • [REPO-367] - Event logger should not use node.refresh as it causes data corruption in concurrent environments
  • [REPO-364] - Group everybody should not have default write permissions
  • [HSTTWO-2111] - Ignore HST bean classes that are do not have a public access modifier
  • [HSTTWO-2119] - HstSiteMenuConfigurationService breaks on custom node type extending hst:sitemenuitem
  • [HSTTWO-2109] - Hst client tld is not valid according to schema