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Release Notes 7.7.11

14 October 2013

We have another maintenance release 7.7.11 for the projects on 7.7.x series. Updating your project pom to 7.7.11 will provide you all the releated dependencies. This minor upgrade is recommended only for the projects on 7.7.xx series, for the new projects we strongly recommend you to start on 7.8 based archetype.

Note - The new versions of the dependencies have been available for a while, now they are bundled in this release. So if you have been using these dependencies by adding them to your project's pom file, please remove them while using this maintenance release. We encourage all projects to remain on the regular maintenance release. Using a tagged artifact that is not yet part of a maintenance release should only be done if there is a specific reason and only after testing in your specific project setup.

We discovered and fixed a blocker issue while upgrading one of our internal project wherein "member of system user is not preserved while adding a new user to admin group (CMS7-7435)". So while upgrading the project to 7.7.11, include CMS version 2.22.19 in project pom:

CMS7-7365 Backport: Log warning/error message when document has more than X number of translations


REPO-768 Improve the FolderWorkflow so it is capable of reordering same name siblings
HSTTWO-2670 Backport More efficiently load child beans for HippoItem
HSTTWO-2666 Backport : Add to HstResponseUtils a utility sendPermanentRedirect and make sure that after a permanent redirect component aggregation is short-circuited

CMS7-7292 Error in logging after upgrading to 7.7.10
CMS7-7372 Regression - CMS dialog (pop-ups) are not opening in IE 9
CMS7-7270 Regression - Component properties window is missing scroll bar
CMS7-7161 Setting String field size property does not do anything
CMS7-7338 Backport CMS7-6422: Unlock node capability in console
CMS7-7364 Error viewing users from external system belonging to a group
CMS7-7221 system users must not be visible in overview of users in group
CMS7-7026 Full screen image cropper sometimes fails in Chrome
CMS7-7380 Reordering Same Name Siblings does not work
CMS7-7289 Xinha: internal link to gif is not stored correctly using IE9
CMS7-7204 Component properties panel doesn't resize
CMS7-7405 Backport CMS7-7125: Make sure the project pom has repo.bootstrap as system property for the cargo profile
CMS7-7360 Error when discarding URL and Navigation changes in Channel Manager
CMS7-7349 Backport Robotstxt forge plugin dependency should be managed by release pom

REPO-676 Backport : The folder workflow allows non-empty folders to be deleted
REPO-736 BACKPORT: Regression - Author is unable to save a document after removing a link
REPO-710 Session refresh triggers faceted navigation populate
REPO-703 Updater does not preserve property type for empty multi-valued properties when going to relaxed cnds
REPO-697 [Backport 7.7] Exclude from node indexing configuration setting not read correctly
REPO-752 Index consistency check marks roughly half the nodes as false positive on large database.
REPO-749 Loading nodes in index and database consistency checkers might fail when the last node of a batch was removed concurrently
REPO-744 Backport REPO-469: Add support for unlocking nodes by users with lock management privileges
REPO-762 Repository logs errors about nodetype registrations in a clustered environment

HSTTWO-2674 Backport HstResponseUtils#sendPermanentRedirect does not always result in a 301

Artifacts and version numbers
    commons:    1.01.00
    repository*:    2.22.20
    cms*: 2.22.18
    addon-faceteddate*: 2.22.02
    addon-publication-workflow:    2.22.06
    addon-hst-configuration-editor:    1.09.03
    addon-channel-manager*:    2.22.12
    addon-google-analytics:    2.22.02
    addon-brokenlinks:    2.22.04
    addon-automatic-export:    2.02.05
    packages*:    2.22.10
    hst*:    2.24.16
    dashboard-document-wizard: 1.03.11
    gallerypicker*:    1.11.02
    easy-forms-cms:    2.10.03
    easy-forms-hst:    2.10.02
    poll:    1.05.04
    relateddocs:    2.08.07
    selection: 2.05.06
    sitemap:    1.03.00
    taxonomy:    1.09.00
    tcmp:    1.05.04
    properties:    2.07.07
    content-blocks:    1.08.02
    ecm-tagging:    4.04.01
    addon-newsletter-manager:    1.02.02
    addon-reporting:    1.04.03
    jackrabbit*: 2.2.12-h1

*)New versions

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