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Release Notes 7.6.3

Updated Hippo CMS 7.6.3 Release


April 27th, 2012 

Dear all,

With great pleasure I can announce the availability of Hippo CMS 7.6.3.

It's been a long time since the last release in the 7.6 range. In fact, a large number of tags have been set of our major components (repository, cms & hst) since the release of 7.6.2. A lot of bugs were fixed and a large number of improvements were made. See the list at the end of the mail for all the issues that have been addressed since the previous hippo-cms7-release tag for the 7.6 series. Every project using Hippo CMS 7.6.x is encouraged to upgrade for better stability, lower memory, improved UI, faster virtual trees, etcetera.

Upgrading to this version is a matter of bumping the hippo-cms7-release version (the parent pom of a project).  To benefit from the improved event logging, you'll also want to use the new hierarchical event logger as documented here (it has been backported).

Cheers, Frank


  • [CMS7-5306] - Xinha editor maximalization does not work in IE9 
  • [CMS7-5348] - IE:  Translated folders cannot be linked in 
  • [CMS7-5609] - CMS: geen leestekens (punten) aan het einde van de zin bij foutmelding "Wijzigen wachtwoord". 
  • [CMS7-5632] - Icon indicates that a document has been changed when no changes are made 
  • [CMS7-5639] - Width date field is to small (patch included) 
  • [CMS7-5640] - JcrListener in the CMS observation manager retains unbounded list of events 
  • [CMS7-5642] - IE allows only 31 stylesheet objects on a page 
  • [CMS7-5657] - When a user tries to log in with an invalid password while the same user is already logged in with another session that session is invalidated irrespective of the fact access was denied 
  • [CMS7-5660] - Changes are saved when logging out of console with pending changes 
  • [CMS7-5687] - IE7: Broken Link picker 
  • [CMS7-5711] - Internal workflow chaining to the folder workflow is broken (patch attached) 
  • [CMS7-5775] - Textfield is to small in Internet explorer 
  • [CMS7-5782] - Logging out the session because too many events accumulated can cause deadlock 
  • [CMS7-5790] - NPE thrown by JcrObservationManager/JcrListener 
  • [CMS7-5792] - Template Composer problems in IE7 
  • [CMS7-5812] - ClassCastException in console when number of child nodes is large 
  • [CMS7-5829] - IE7: Content editor panel is broken after CMS 7.6 2.20.06 upgrade 
  • [CMS7-5882] - Can not create new document types 
  • [CMS7-5847] - Xinha in full screen mode resizes after undo in IE 
  • [CMS7-5889] - Impossible to create an internal link with Xinha to a document with a nodename containing non-ASCII characters 
  • [CMS7-5901] - JCR Event listeners are not removed after a hard page refresh 
  • [CMS7-5913] - Uploaded image does not match the stored "Original image" 
  • [CMS7-5923] - Unable to create new document type or compound type 
  • [CMS7-5938] - Image cropper quality not acceptable 
  • [CMS7-5982] - Missing translations for copyTo and copyOver messages on the dashboard 
  • [CMS7-5986] - Two error messages when starting Xinha editor 
  • [CMS7-5888] - Adding mixins to new document types not reflected in CND 
  • [CMS7-6028] - Published field in wide document listing is empty when document state is "A previous version is live" 
  • [CMS7-6084] - CMS can't handle reattached nodes in event log after consistency checker run 
  • [REPO-144] - Error during startup with clustered repositories 
  • [REPO-243] - Repository seems to attempt to import initialize items twice 
  • [REPO-251] - JDO Persistence manager factory retains considerable memory resources 
  • [REPO-257] - Possible concurrent access on non-concurrent hashmap 
  • [REPO-267] - Use logging instead of printStackStrace() 
  • [REPO-273] - Restart of a clustered node causes data corruption when node types are reregistered 
  • [REPO-283] - WorkflowContext of internal workflows implementing WorkflowImpl not set automatically 
  • [REPO-284] - Backport recent changes to automatic export 
  • [REPO-290] - Importing of XML content should not fail on incompatible namespace definitions 
  • [REPO-296] - hasUser() in AbstractUserManager should not call session.refresh() 
  • [REPO-297] - Only synchronize on write method in ping servlet 
  • [REPO-309] - Repository swallows stack trace when it fails to startup 
  • [REPO-316] - ConfigurationTest keeps failing on nightly build 
  • [REPO-332] - Forward ports of version history cleanup broken 
  • [REPO-333] - Version history cleanup should be accessible from the console 
  • [REPO-338] - Error when rejecting take offline request 
  • [REPO-340] - Nullpointer exception when obtaining non existing workflow in ServerWorkflowManager 
  • [REPO-349] - Event log cleanup module should only run on one cluster node 
  • [REPO-354] - Support validate hierarchy option 
  • [REPO-355] - Memory leak when deleting a document 
  • [REPO-359] - Malformed class loading causes different exception than ClassNotFound in Modules class 
  • [REPO-360] - Don't use workspace move 
  • [HSTTWO-1519] - HST authentication is not respecting hst:showcontextpath setting 
  • [HSTTWO-1661] - Slf4jLogger should log correct source location 
  • [HSTTWO-1693] - The logger wrapper, Slf4jLogger, should use MessageFormatter#arrayFormat() when arguments are object array instead of #format() 
  • [HSTTWO-1825] - jaxrsRequest.getRequestURL() in CXFJaxrsService returns a fully qualified URL with port 0 
  • [HSTTWO-1849] - Matrix parameters in the the mountpath breaks in plain jaxrs pipelines 
  • [HSTTWO-1857] - Backport - Slf4jLogger should log correct source location 
  • [HSTTWO-1875] - With "check.repositories.running=true" and "vm://" repository connection, HstSiteConfigServlet fails to load 
  • [HSTTWO-1880] - SecurityValve: "destination" parameter is *sometimes* not added to the request attributes 
  • [HSTTWO-1888] - NPE on login in MultipleRepositoryImpl 
  • [HSTTWO-1894] - Concurrency issue during concurrent reloading and changing of hst configuration model 
  • [HSTTWO-1898] - Same header set multiple times in HST responses creates multiple values in the servlet response 
  • [HSTTWO-1904] - Possible deadlock during events processing in HstManagerImpl 
  • [HSTTWO-1908] - Link for the homepage / gives "" when the context path is not part of the URL 
  • [HSTTWO-1915] - Changing in the value for to something else than @ breaks the freetext search in faceted navigation 
  • [HSTTWO-1922] - HstSiteMenuItemImpl should not log a warning when hstSiteMapItemRefId and hstSiteMapItemPath are null but externalLink is not null 
  • [HSTTWO-1963] - 404 seems better than 410 on REST DELETE method on non-existing content 
  • [HSTTWO-1972] - Product tags updating example in Hippo TestSuite is broken in trunk 
  • [HSTTWO-1975] - WorkflowPersistenceManager impl invokes Session#refresh() unnecessarily in its #save() method 
  • [HSTTWO-1988] - WorkflowPersistenceManager impl fails to create folders automatically when there's a document node as a folder path 
  • [HSTTWO-2027] - CXFJaxrsService doesn't initialize in/outInterceptors properly. 
  • [HSTTWO-2031] - Downgrade org.aspectj:aspectjweaver:1.6.9 due to AssertionError with JUnit Tests and either Spring 3.0.4 or Spring 3.0.5 
  • [HSTTWO-2052] - When reloading HST container (by changing, MBeans configuration fails to re-register 
  • [HSTTWO-2064] - Order of which hst components are loaded influence the inheritance where this should not be the case 
  • [HSTTWO-2110] - Template composer: changes are not visible on IE8 - Win7 
  • [HSTTWO-2111] - Ignore HST bean classes that are do not have a public access modifier 
  • [HSTTWO-2119] - HstSiteMenuConfigurationService breaks on custom node type extending hst:sitemenuitem

New Feature

  • [REPO-274] - Allow some hippo:initializeitems to be reloadable always when starting up a repository. 
  • [REPO-275] - Make it possible to skip the resultset from facetsavailable nodes for faceted navigation to gain performance 


  • [CMS7-5608] - Add node auto complete behavior should be smarter 
  • [CMS7-5664] - Auto export feature re-orders nodes 
  • [CMS7-5692] - Impossible to set date in datefields outside the 2000-2099 year range 
  • [CMS7-5820] - Events in the JcrListener can be cleared when the UserSession is null 
  • [CMS7-5885] - Max height and width properties for displaying images in template should consider same size (patch included) 
  • [CMS7-5904] - Make active section sticky when selecting a folders or documents 
  • [CMS7-5959] - Update Xinha to revision 1312 
  • [REPO-237] - Use specialize uuid generation for virtual nodes 
  • [REPO-252] - BACKPORT - Allow for pluggable workflow invocation handlers 
  • [REPO-258] - Repository (and CMS/workflow) calls session refreshes too often causing high load on database servers (patch attached) 
  • [REPO-271] - Upgrade to Jackrabbit 2.2.10 
  • [REPO-312] - Provide access to the JCR user and workflow session as well as the subject (if available) of a Workflow instance through the WorkflowContext (protected) 
  • [REPO-328] - Interpret empty list of folder types as a no-prototypes-available folder 
  • [REPO-331] - Use of EventLoggerImpl is hardcoded in WorkflowManagerImpl 
  • [REPO-334] - Implement hierarchical event logger 
  • [REPO-335] - Implement performant event log cleanup 
  • [HSTTWO-1450] - SiteMenu items names, decode when retrieving the name 
  • [HSTTWO-1611] - Monitor hst properties for changes 
  • [HSTTWO-1712] - Caller's location aware logging option 
  • [HSTTWO-1848] - Configurability on CXF system parameters such as _type ( json | xml ) with different names. 
  • [HSTTWO-1853] - improve the delimiter for userId and pool Id for session pools 
  • [HSTTWO-1860] - Backport improved logging for hst filter for exceptions 
  • [HSTTWO-1876] - Hst linkrewriting should rewrite pages to the homepage as / instead of for example /home 
  • [HSTTWO-1895] - Slf4jLogger wastes resources by invoking #loadClass() every time on initialization 
  • [HSTTWO-1903] - linking to mount from sitemenu 
  • [HSTTWO-1911] - Home page links do not respect the 'hst:homepage' contract and so do not work with refId 
  • [HSTTWO-1916] - Jconsole does not show the HST Mbeans when configuring the to enable jmx 
  • [HSTTWO-1936] - Allow Easy Custom JAX-RS Entity Provider configurations 
  • [HSTTWO-1964] - HstPingServlet should not synchronize on doRepositoryChecks 
  • [HSTTWO-1966] - Reduce memory consumption of HstNode and backing JcrValueProviderImpl 
  • [HSTTWO-1969] - addAvailableProperty and addUnAvailableProperty should also work when there corresponding maps are already nullified 
  • [HSTTWO-1976] - Abstract the pooled jcr session refresh into a pluggable mechnism, to be able hook in different refreshing calls later, for example one that only disposes virtual session states 
  • [HSTTWO-1979] - Pooled Session is being refreshed at first on passivate even though the session life time is less than maxRefreshIntervalOnPassivate 
  • [HSTTWO-1980] - BP - Cannot access container items' properties when the items are aligned horizontally 
  • [HSTTWO-1982] - Log an INFO event when the HST model is loaded or invalidated 
  • [HSTTWO-2037] - Convenient way to add custom jcr event listener items in a project 
  • [HSTTWO-2057] - Ignore HST bean classes that are do not have a public access modifier 
  • [HSTTWO-2114] - Better default for to avoid the very rare NoAvailableSessionException 
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