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Bloomreach Hippo DX and CMS 11.2 Release Notes

March 3, 2017

Hello everyone!

We are excited to announce the release of BloomReach Hippo CMS 11.2. The release of Hippo DX and Hippo CMS 11.2 is the final minor release of the Hippo 11 series. It builds on the foundation of all Hippo 11 earlier minor releases we did in the past year and this release is the most stable Hippo release ever.  As it is the final minor release, it will be supported for a longer time; depending on your support contract you have the option to run a full major cycle or even two major cycles with this release.

We have spent considerable effort to create a version that is robust and extremely reliable. On behalf of everyone that made this release a reality,

Mark Peerdeman (@m43k)
Product Management

Highlights for DX

  • We support Elasticsearch 5 in 11.2. We will continue to support ES2.4 in 11.2 (for as long as it is not end-of-life and our customers are using it).

  • Enterprise Caching has been added to support in the delivery tier stale page caching, second level page caching and generic cluster-wide caching support

  • The Audience perspective has small usability improvements on request of our customers, including improved tooltips and new icons.

Highlights for DX and CMS (the community edition)

  • On popular demand of our users, we improved the usability of drag and drop when placing new components in the Channel Manager. When adding a CMS component from the component library a single click in the library bar on the component will activate the placement functionality. After activating the placement, you can conveniently navigate to the location where you want to place the component and click again. In this way you do not need a complex click-and-hold-and-drag-and-release-and-hope-it-worked action anymore, that was cumbersome, especially for larger pages.

  • Other small UI improvements include the renaming of the breadcrumb ‘Channel Manager’ to ‘Channels, the icon next to the ‘Changes’ menu in the toolbar changed into a yellow triangle. The containers, components and floating buttons in the channel manager look slightly different and more.

  • The HST now - on popular demand of our customers - supports an _index_ sitemap item that can be used in case the URL should show the parent sitemap item path. E.g. In case a URL is requested that is /news/2010, and there is an _index_ sitemap item, but that relative content path does not point to an existing document (or folder), then just the sitemap item that matches /news/2010 directly is used.

  • We hardened the product.


The release of this version has implications for the life cycle status of several other versions that are active:

  • 11.0 Becomes EOL and is not supported anymore.

  • 7.9 is active for premium support.

  • 10.2 is active for normal support and premium support.

  • 11.1 is active for normal support and premium support.

  • 11.2 is active for normal support and premium support.

Browser support

  • We dropped support for IE11 as it took a lot of effort to support this browser and almost none of our customers used it. We advise our customers to use either Chrome, Firefox or Safari when using the CMS..