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11.1.2 release notes

April 27, 2017

The new maintenance release 11.1.2 is available for general use. This release includes bug fixes and improvements in core, enterprise and plugins. For Hippo Enterprise Customers and Partners a new Upgrade Verifier from version 10.2.4 to 11.1.2 is available. Please upgrade your project to this latest maintenance release, see the minor upgrade instructions for more information.

New projects can be bootstrapped using new essentials version, to start follow trails page.

The new versions of these module artifacts have been made available earlier and are now bundled up in this maintenance release. If the project uses such newer artifact versions via project pom override remove them before starting the upgrade procedure.

We encourage all projects to remain on the regular maintenance release. Using a tagged artifact that is not yet part of a maintenance release should only be done if there is a specific reason and only after testing in your specific project setup.


All artifact version can be found on the Release version overview page.

Hippo CMS - Version 4.1.4


  • [CMS-10604] - [Backport to 11.1] Validation error when adding a new folder in document perspective
  • [CMS-10669] - Backport to 11.1: Fields on change password screen should be empty after failed attempt


  • [CMS-10672] - Update commons-collections dependency to 3.2.2

Hippo CMS - Version 4.1.3


  • [CMS-10651] - [BACKPORT 11.1] WhitelistedClassesResourceGuard is not thread-safe

Hippo CMS - Version 4.1.2

New Feature

  • [CMS-10620] - [BACKPORT 11.1] Configurable access to package resources


  • [CMS-10627] - [backport 11.1] Improve and fix edge cases in ChannelManager - HST handshake

Hippo Site Toolkit 2 - Version 4.1.3


  • [HSTTWO-3933] - [Backport 4.1] AbstractHelper#reorderCopyIfNeeded possibly incorrectly logs errors which are very confusing
  • [HSTTWO-3972] - [Back-port to 4.1] Resource bundle registry not invalidated on replication / JCR change


  • [HSTTWO-3941] - Update commons-collections dependency to 3.2.2

Addon Channel Manager - Version 4.1.2


  • [CHANNELMGR-1185] - [Backport to 11.1] Cannot add component to empty nomarkup container
  • [CHANNELMGR-1187] - [Backport to 11.1] Click on 'plus' button of container throws JS error
  • [CHANNELMGR-1228] - [Backport 4.1.x] Unit tests fail on Chrome v57

Hippo Plugins - Version taxonomy-3.1.2


  • [HIPPLUG-1451] - Update commons-collections dependency to 3.2.2

Hippo Enterprise Forms - Version 3.1.2


  • [EFORMS-471] - Update commons-collections dependency to 3.2.2

Hippo CMS - Version search-service-3.1.1


  • [CMS-10672] - Update commons-collections dependency to 3.2.2