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10.1.0 release notes

HIPPO CMS 10.1 release notes

November 1st, 2015


Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce the release of Hippo CMS 10.1. After the successful release of Hippo CMS 10 GA in August, we have been working hard to create a follow-up minor release, incorporating new functionality as well as improvements as a result of feedback we received from you. Today we are releasing this version.

Hippo CMS 10.1 contains new functionality and improvements, listed below in this message.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

On behalf of everyone that made this release a reality,

Mark Peerdeman
Product Management

Highlights for the 10.1 release

Community release

  • Channel inheritance. Creating a new channel based on an existing channel can now be done using channel inheritance. Workspace configuration can be inherited selectively, e.g. inherit everything except the menus. All inherited components will be read-only in the new channel.

  • SEO component improvements:

    • the component parameters of the SEO component have been revisited and improved, and

    • a new Document SEO compound field type is available supporting customization of page title and meta description tags.

  • Improved styling of content blocks (CMS-9567)

  • Added a mechanism to globally configure a custom content rewriter (HSTTWO-3420)

Enterprise release

  • Improvements in Hippo Trends:

    • The visitor segmentation filters in Trends have been extended. Now you can set filters for category, country, city and external marketing automation list.

    • Documentation is provided about how to extend this filterset yourself to include any relevance collector you have available in your project.

    • The channel to be used by the trends analysis can be selected.

    • The time window for the trends analysis can be set to be a week, a month or three months.

    • Improved peak performing results functionality. Peak performing results now reflect the visitor segmentation filters. This means that instead of reporting on peak performing categories only, you now can report on any filter category to see how it is performing, e.g. peak performing countries, authors, etc…

    • Goals can be used for filtering and peak performance reports as well.

    • Results are now presented in the form of a chart that compares the selected segmentation filter results with the background dataset of all visits. A trendline is available to make it easier to evaluate the trend.

    • The UI now contains hover texts for assistance.

  • Improvements in Hippo Experiments:

    • New goal management page. Full management of goals can now be done via a special tab in the Audience perspective.

    • Experiments status and results are presented in the component properties window of the corresponding component.

    • Channel manager indicates if a component is used in an experiment by showing an ‘Erlenmeyer’ (flask) icon on the CMS component. The icon has color coding to indicate the status of the experiment.

    • The dependency on Spark has been removed.

  • Oracle RDS support. We officially support the use of Oracle RDS.

Known issues

  • (Enterprise release) Javascript goals have been disabled for now. We are reshaping our goal functionality and will implement this in a different way in the future.

  • (Channel inheritance) Experiments are not included when inheriting a channel.

  • (Experiments) There is no protection for Characteristics and Personas that are included within variants as part of an experiment. Removing a characteristic or persona will have unexpected results if this is being used in a running experiment.


The Hippo CMS 10.1 Community Edition and Enterprise Edition are available from today onwards.




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