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brX GraphQL Service FAQ

This Bloomreach Experience Manager feature requires a standard or premium license. Please contact Bloomreach for more information.

Is the brX GraphQL Service required to run Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator?

In the Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator v14.x the brX GraphQL Service is an optional feature. Without it you can still run the Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator which is basically comprised of HstComponents, templates, webfiles, configurations, and content.

However, if you want to implement a new GraphQL client application such as an GraphQL based SPA, or if you want to enable the Open UI based Pickers interacting with the brX GraphQL Service, then you will need to install and configure the brX GraphQL Service additionally to your environment.

What kind of Commerce Connectors are supported?

The brX GraphQL Service reads the 'connector' request header from the clients to invoke the specific Commerce Connector implementation modules by the specified Connector ID. See Configure the brX GraphQL Service for all available Connector IDs.

How does the authentication/authorization work?

Every request to the brX GraphQL Service should provide an access token, and the brX GraphQL Service handles and validates the authentication and authorization through its internal Access Manager components. See Access Management for further detail.


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