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Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator Concepts and Terminology

This Bloomreach Experience Manager feature requires a standard or premium license. Please contact Bloomreach for more information.

Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator

The Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator provides an out-of-the-box accelerator for delivering commerce-enabled experiences by integrating your commerce backend platform with Bloomreach Experience Manager and Bloomreach Search & Merchandising with minimized development effort.

Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator Boot Projects

The Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator Boot Projects are a ready-to-use Maven projects to get your Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator-based commerce-enabled digital experience application up and running. They are preconfigured for a list of supported commerce backend platforms and include a website based on components from the component library with a customizable look and feel based on templates from the template library.

There are B2C and B2B versions of the Boot Project.


BRIEF is BloomReach Integration & Enrichment Framework, a solution framework for developing commerce-enabled applications in Bloomreach Experience Manager for seamless, transparent, extensible integration and content enrichment with various commerce backend platforms.

Commerce Backend Platform

A commerce backend platform is an e-commerce platform providing core commerce functionality to the Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator

Commerce Connector SDK

The Commerce Connector SDK is a standardized API set defining interfaces and abstractions which a commerce connector module should implement to be integrated with Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator.

Commerce Connector Module

A commerce connector module is a software module package providing configurations and implementations of interfaces defined in the Commere Connector SDK for a specific commerce backend platform.

Connector Set Model

A connector set model contains all the information necessary for delivery applications to invoke and exchange messages with the services provided by the commerce backend platform. A connector set model is managed as a document in the Bloomreach Experience Manager CMS application.

Mapping Model Resource Bundle

Mapping model resource bundles are deprecated since Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator v2, which prefers the new Commerce Connector SDK-based commerce connector modules.

A mapping model resource bundle defines mappings in the different data structures provided by a commerce backend platform to a generic Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator data model. Mapping models are managed as resource bundles in the Bloomreach Experience Manager CMS application.

Component Library

The Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator component library contains out-of-the-box delivery components for typical commerce functionality as well as content enrichment. 

Template Library

The Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator template library contains Freemarker frontend templates for the out-of-the-box components in the component library as well as for the various pages in the default Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator website. The templates are fully customizable and can be updated in a running instance on-the-fly.


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