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Set Production Environment

This documentation applies to Bloomreach Cloud 2 only



Mark a Bloomreach Cloud environment as production environment to allocate more resources to it.


Bloomreach Cloud allows an environment to be marked as production environment. An environment marked as production environment gets allocated more resources than non-production environments to ensure optimal performance and availability. Also, a production environment is under more scrutiny from a monitoring perspective. (This also implies that you should not play around within a production environment, because Bloomreach could get all kind of false alarms)

Optionally, the domain rules can be automatically reconfigured to point to the new production environment at the same time. This is especially useful when using the blue-green deployment strategy.


Log in to Mission Control and navigate to Production.

In the New production environment dropdown, select the environment you want to mark as production environment.

If you want your domain rules reconfigured to point to the new production environment, check the Switch domain rules checkbox.

Click on Set. In the confirmation dialog that appears, click on Set once more.

The selected environment is now marked as production environment.

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