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Translations Add-on 1.03

Bloomreach offers Enterprise support for this feature to Bloomreach Experience customers. The release cycle of this feature may differ from our core product release cycle. 

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This is documentation on version 1.03 for Hippo 11 of the Translations Add-on.
Version 2.x is available since October, 2017.

Supported integrations

The Translations Add-on 1.03 supports Globallink and Livewords connectors.


The dialog that enables an editor to request translations

Here the English document is the source document and is at version 4, the Dutch translation is at version 3 and having a translation request pending and the French variant is also at version 3 but no translation has been requested yet for it (since the last time the source document was changed). Also there has never been requested a translation to Italian, therefore it shows as 'Unversioned'.

Settings panel

Getting started

Installation of the Translations add-on requires that external translations services have been set up. After installation is complete, configure the add-on.

Running locally

Please consult the README files in the connectors modules of the translations addon, as well as the ones in each connector module. Currently, the easiest way to run a connector locally is to use the Local mirror connector. This connector has no external dependencies and will mirror back any document that is sent for translation. The connector has a configurable delay before sending the response, and it changes all string fields it finds to uppercase.

Project status

The latest version of the Translations Add-on 1.03 is compatible with Bloomreach Experience Manager 11. See the release notes for details.

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