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Release Announcement Hippo CMS 7.9 Technology Preview

December 20, 2013

Hi all,

Today we have tagged the Hippo CMS 7.9 Technology Preview. This Technology Preview is meant to allow you - our developer community - to have a look at the work we have done the past months. We'd love to get your feedback so we can improve the upcoming release of Hippo CMS 7.9 planned for Q1 next year!

Below a list of features and changes in the Technology Preview for you to check out:

  • CKEditor has replaced Xinha as the rich text editor ... \o/ ... for more details, see our latest community update.
  • Content Replication, enabling security conscious customers to fully separate their content editing and delivery environments. Content Replication is an Enterprise feature, see also this video.
  • A Content Type API for retrieving information about the available content types and their properties. Check out the class in the module org.onehippo.cms7:hippo-services:jar for more information, or have a look at the REST resource in the testsuite.
  • The CMS is now on Wicket 6 - Hippo CMS 7.8 was still on Wicket 4 - this change will require custom plugins to be upgraded. The upgrade steps are covered in the upcoming upgrade documentation, see below. All certified plugins are already migrated.
  • The HST model (re)loading has been completely re-implemented to meet the requirement of fast model reloading for those customers that have a lot of channels and more and more frequent changes in them.
  • HST container configuration can be stored in the hst:workspace tree, rather than being hidden in the hst:pages tree. This separates the user-managed content from the developer-defined configuration, making deployment easier.
  • For the workflow, we removed JDO as intermediate object persistence model, you now can just use plain JCR :-)
  • Many, many improvements for the document model have been implemented. For example 1) the version history can now be accessed easily with the JCR API 2) only nodes that are versioned get an associated history 3) the carousel of document variants is now gone, the same three nodes (draft, preview, live) will be used with content copied between them 4) variants their uuids now are (and remain) stable. Not only does this simplify development, it also provides a performance boost.
  • The stack is now running on Java 7 and Tomcat 7.

The Technology Preview does not yet contain upgrade tooling to upgrade from Hippo CMS 7.8 - it's also not certified to run in production. If you want to have a look, we'd advise to build the archetype or Go Green using the instructions at the bottom of this email.

Over the course of the next weeks we will work on the upgrade procedure for migrating from Hippo CMS 7.8 to 7.9, and publish the documentation set for 7.9. Next to this, we are working on a series of blogs to highlight some of these changes from a different angle as well ... and implement your suggested changes :-)

In March 2014 we are planning to release the First Customer Shipment (FCS) release of Hippo CMS 7.9, in which we anticipate to add additional functionality such as the new document state and workflow management based on SCXML and other items on our roadmap.

So stay tuned for more news in January, and happy holidays!

Building instructions

Generating and building using the archetype

To build Hippo CMS 7.9 using the archetype, you can follow these instructions but replace the archetypeVersion (1.07.06 at the time of writing this email) with 1.09.00-alpha-1

Building Go Green

To build Go Green, you can follow these instructions but replace the Go Green version number (3.07.04 at the time of writing this email) with 3.09.00-alpha-1

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