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7.8.0 CMS improvements

Channel Manager

The Channel Manager has been enhanced to facilitate teams to work with it. When opening a channel for editing, the channel is automatically locked, making sure no other team member can accidentally undo changes or overwrite the configuration created by another editor. The lock is removed on publication of the changes, or when the user chooses to discard all changes. Also, an admin unlock override is available.

Template Composer

The Template Composer has seen a number of usability improvements when editing the configuration of one of the components of a page template:

  • Often, components use a specific document as part of their configuration. When 7.7 was originally launched, the only way to select a document was from a list. This mechanism has been replaced with a more user friendly document picker.
  • Another typical piece of configuration for a component is a “choice”, for instance when listing events whether they should be ordered ascending in time or descending. In 7.8 it is now possible to use a combobox as the input mechanism for these types of parameters, rather than a freetext field. You can find an example of this in the Go Green demo for the latestjobs component.
  • A generic capability that has been added is that components can be configured to be hidden for certain personas.

Image and asset handling

In the area of image handling, several improvements have been implemented:

  • When editing a document, and the editor opens an image picker, it is now possible to upload an image directly through the picker.
  • Each uploaded image and asset is now first processed by a validator service to determine whether the uploaded item is ‘allowed’. The default validator checks the file size, file extension, and for images also the image dimensions. Custom image validators can be configured as well.
  • Uploaded CMYK images are now automatically converted to RGB.

Other improvements

  • The responsiveness of the CMS UI has been improved through various larger and smaller improvements. One of the improvements is that those perspectives that are not visible limit their interaction with the server and only re-render when they are opened.
  • The search function in the CMS is faster and produces more relevant results.
  • Search capability in user management: as part of the user management within the CMS, it is now possible to search for users using keywords and wildcards.
  • Several improvements to the login mechanism have been implemented to increase security:
    • After a series of unsuccessful login attempts, a captcha is displayed to prevent brute force password attacks.
    • It is possible to configure whether the username field can use autocomplete.
    • The cookie lifetime for remember-me and Hippo Automatic Logon is now configurable.
  • In the document type editor, it is now possible to add fields from the base type or from mixins.
  • The Console has seen several small usability improvements such as the capability to edit a node’s primary type, keyboard shortcuts and the use of checkboxes for boolean properties.
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