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Release Notes 7.7.9

7 March 2013

We have tagged yet another maintenance release 7.7.9, it is available for public use. Updating your projects parent pom to 7.7.9 should provide all the related dependencies. If you want to start a new project we strongly recommend you to start on 7.8 based archetype 1.7.02. Note - The new versions of the dependencies have been available for a while, they are bundled in this 7.7.9 release now. So if you have been using these dependencies by adding them to your project's pom file, please remove them while using this maintenance release. We encourage all projects to remain on the regular maintenance release. Using a tagged artifact that is not yet part of a maintenance release should only be done if there is a specific reason and only after testing in your specific project setup.

Hippo R&D


Expected behavior

While upgrading to 7.7.9 you may see an error with respect to gallery picker as in below:

"[INFO] [talledLocalContainer] 11.03.2013 11:01:37 ERROR [org.hippoecm.repository.LoadInitializationModule.initializeNodecontent():855] Error initializing content for file:/D:/code/hippoArch/myhippoproject/target/tomcat6x/webapps/cms/WEB-INF/lib/gallerypicker-1.11.00.jar!/hippoecm-extension.xml in '/hippo:configuration/hippo:temporary' : javax.jcr.nodetype.ConstraintViolationException: no matching property definition found for {}version"

You can ignore this error. For more details please refer the mailing thread [1].

[1] -

During a mock upgrade procedure we came across a blocker issue REPO-641 with tagged repository 2.22.15. We have already fixed the issue in the subsequent version and made it available for public use. So please include repository version 2.22.18 as below, while updating your project to 7.7.9.

New features & Improvements    

CMS7-6814    Pre- and post- iframe-message handlers
CMS7-6605    Expose IFieldDescriptor from IFieldValidator
CMS7-6579    Backport last commit of CMS7-5832 Custom Field Validation Service to 2.22.xx branch
CMS7-6310    Image upload: improve error handling when image processing fails
CMS7-6631    BACKPORT - As a CMS user, I want my images to be renamed in a such a way that the extension is kept, so that all browsers properly request and render the image.
CMS7-6793    Broken links: Information on scheduled updates is a button without an action
CMS7-6947    Improve logging of StateIconAttributes
CMS7-6970    Backport: do not re-render a list data table when nothing changed
CMS7-6974    Backport partially: CMS7-6250 Document workflow options disappear when not available: should be visible but inactive
CMS7-6968    Backport: CMS7-6853 Remove horizontal scrollbar in document listing
CMS7-6923    Double click on internal link breaks the link picker
CMS7-6909    Improve HTMLRepairer/HtmlCleaner so that it doesn't throw NullPointerException on an unconfigured element
CMS7-6847    Backport to 7.7.:Name fields are cleared when using the username as password
CMS7-6967    Backport: CMS7-6908 Allow columns in the document listing to decide on their capacity to select a document
CMS7-6728    Backport: Refresh Channel manager/TC on focus
CMS7-6727    Backport: Fire a DOM event when a Tab is selected
CMS7-6652    Backport FolderWorkflowPlugin extensions to version 7.7
CMS7-6714    [BACKPORT] Bump CXF version to 2.6.3

REPO-590    Backport to 2.22.xx Support fast date range query support on dates out of the box
REPO-585    UpdaterItemVisitor.

NodeTypeVisitor always logs total nodes as -1
REPO-604    hippo-repository-utilities should not pull in jackrabbit-jcr-commons and add just like jackrabbit jcr commons a utility for PropertyIterable and NodeIterable
REPO-599    [Backport] Some wrong event notifications
REPO-622    Move helper classes from utilities to api
REPO-616    Backport: Fast, reliable, and complete search index consistency check and fix

HSTTWO-2182    Hst component inheritance can fail to correctly inherit hst:inheritsfrom

CMS7-6724    Permissions screen will not open when a domain refers to a non-existing group
CMS7-6721    Log items with empty eventDocument paths lead to PageExpiredErrorPage in CMS
CMS7-6699    Backport - Regression - Image is not opened (properly) after upload when flash is turned-off
CMS7-6740    Console becomes extremely slow when modifying/deleting a lot of nodes
CMS7-6194    Adding multiple links in Xinha creates 'ghost' spaces
CMS7-6701    Internal groups are visible in the assign groups dropdown
CMS7-6750    Backport - Error logged when opening image picker
CMS7-6790    SearchDocumentsProvider does not keep search results in order in which they are retrieved from the repository
CMS7-6735    bump tika from 0.8 to 0.9 due to linebreak extraction bug
CMS7-6643    [BACKPORT] RememberMePlugin does not work with userfolders
CMS7-6655    Automatic Export: deleting initialize nodes leads to reload of deleted nodes at restart
CMS7-6602    Xinha: InternetExplorer.insertHtml method sometimes fails to detect htmlText property
CMS7-6409    Improve feedback when copying a document without a value for the new name
CMS7-6516    Exceptions logged in terminal while trying to upload a PDF file with large lines.
CMS7-6775    Change Password Dialog - Text Overflows Border
CMS7-6683    Embedded resources contain default image
CMS7-6760    Number of Jcr listeners only keeps growing
CMS7-6807    Blueprint node name shown instead of name when creating channel
CMS7-6798    Clickjack Attack vulnerability
CMS7-5985    Unbounded upscaling of images doesn't work
CMS7-6696    CMS7-6143 Backport: CMS7-6555: Cancelling the creation of a document as editor show exceptions stack traces in logs
CMS7-6789    Java 7 support
CMS7-6786    Implement Comparable and Comparator according to contract
CMS7-6813    Template Composer overlapping containers
CMS7-6800    Can't create security domain in CMS
CMS7-6515    Have the "Asset validation" as out-of-box functionality
CMS7-6796    ChildNodeProvider can throw NPE when adding new node, because node of prototype can be null
CMS7-6833    Show asset validation feedback (flash off)
CMS7-6693    WicketAjax.processLink throws an error on IE
CMS7-6412    HTTP status 500 when clicking multiple times on the OK button at image upload (Flash off)
CMS7-6794    Broken links: Status for server not found unclear
CMS7-6894    Backport (CMS7-6705): Regression: Reorder dialog includes non-files/folders
CMS7-6951    Backport CMS7 6744 to 7.7 - channel unlock is only available if user is in group with _name_ "admin"
CMS7-6360    IE8: when uploading a document to assets an JS error is thrown. (Flash)
CMS7-6904    Concurrent JCR session access
CMS7-6882    remove diacritics (iso latin1 chars) from input query in cms search
CMS7-6748    Nested modal windows introduce broken key-event behavior
CMS7-6859    Upload: Pressing enter does nothing (flash)
CMS7-6920    Backport: Content root box not aligned when creating new channel
CMS7-6810    Mandatory/required image field does not validate
CMS7-6966    Backport: CMS7-6924 Wicket non-default ajax behavior triggers re-render when component is no longer visible
CMS7-6960    Backport: CMS7-6596 CMS doesn't handle document translation names with line ends well
CMS7-6879    Backport: Contextmenu does not close after menuitem is clicked (CMS7-6844)
CMS7-6856    Can't view/edit a group or user when the group name has an apostrophe '
CMS7-6930    Unbounded Scaling Results in Original

REPO-611    BACKPORT - Member documents of workflow collections should not be cancellable/rejectable/acceptable
REPO-610    BACKPORT - Argument types for scheduled workflows are not (de)serialized correctly
REPO-594    Restoring a document from another revision doesn't work when document has embedded resource(s)
REPO-593    When cancelling an update modcount of modified states must be reset
REPO-583    [BACKPORT] Cancelling the creation of a document as editor does not work

HSTTWO-2261    Multiple CXFJaxrsServices reuse the same cxf Bus instance which can result in failing jaxrs services
HSTTWO-2260    In case when the dispatch URL is a named resource server or named renderer, a exception is incorrectly thrown and logged by GenericHstComponent#doBeforeServeResource
HSTTWO-2258    BACKPORT - resourceURL tag security issue
HSTTWO-2226    MockHstResponse should provide #getHeaders() and #getCookies() for testing
HSTTWO-2221    HeadContributionsTag#getCategoryIncludes() & HeadContributionsTag#getCategoryExcludes() doesn't return them.
HSTTWO-2208    HstLinkTag doesn't always cleanup state when returning EVAL_PAGE
HSTTWO-2194    HST can't handle HTTP/1.0 requests and fails with a NPE
HSTTWO-2039    NPE during shutdown
HSTCONFIGEDIT-120    ":" can not be used as a sitemenu character

Artifacts and version numbers
    commons:    1.01.00
    repository*:    2.22.15
    cms*: 2.22.15
    addon-faceteddate: 2.22.01
    addon-publication-workflow*:    2.22.06
    addon-hst-configuration-editor*:    1.09.03
    addon-channel-manager*:    2.22.11
    addon-google-analytics:    2.22.02
    addon-brokenlinks*:    2.22.03
    addon-automatic-export:    2.02.05
    packages*:    2.22.08
    hst*:    2.24.14
    dashboard-document-wizard: 1.03.09
    gallerypicker*:    1.11.00
    easy-forms-cms:    2.10.03
    easy-forms-hst:    2.10.02
    poll:    1.05.04
    relateddocs:    2.08.07
    selection: 2.05.06
    sitemap:    1.03.00
    taxonomy*:    1.09.00
    tcmp:    1.05.04
    properties:    2.07.07
    content-blocks:    1.08.02
    ecm-tagging:    4.04.01
    addon-newsletter-manager:    1.02.02
    addon-reporting:    1.04.03
    jackrabbit: 2.2.13-h8*

*)New versions

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