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Release Notes 7.7.5

6 August 2012 


Dear Hippo fans,

Finally ....... your wait comes to an end, here you go - the New Maintenance Release 7.7.5 is available for public use.Updating project's parent pom with this version should provide you these dependencies. New projects can be bootstrapped using the new archetype version 1.05.07


  • Highlight of this release is the improvements we made in channel manager it is cool with workflow operations - dont miss it!
  • And updated forge plugins - "sitemap", "tag-cloud-mgmt" and "properties"
  • We could not deliver easy-forms as promised. We have new version of easy-forms 2.11.04 but it is not part of 7.7.5 release. Keep watching this space to know how to use latest easy-forms in your projects

Have fun developing Hippo.


The Hippo R&D Team

New Features and Improvements


CMS7-6199     Document picker parameter type for 7.7.xx 
CMS7-6198     Backport dropdown parameter type to 7.7 
CMS7-6286     backport channel locking 
CMS7-6294     Show CMS and Project, Version and Build-number in the Admin System information 
CMS7-6076     CMS dependency on YUI-sources has no property for it's version 
CMS7-6091     Add CMS version number to header 
CMS7-6068     Internationalisation of Xinha Plugins 
CMS7-6325     ImageUtils support configurarable compression quality 
CMS7-5984     In the console, a _ can be invisible due to collapsing with the border of the input field 
CMS7-6262     Lowercase the locale string used in the channel icon path locale placeholder 
CMS7-5887     Image crop IE8 popup layout broken 
CMS7-5142     Order in image/assert listing cannot be turned off

REPO-410     Undeprecated content delete


HSTTWO-2217     Provide a method returning form field names as ordered in the form doc and respect the order in the returned FormMap     
HSTTWO-2216     backport channel locking     
HSTTWO-2240     backport: DropDownList Annotation for Component Configuration     

CMS7-6306     Bump sitemap plugin version to 1.03.00-SNAPSHOT 
CMS7-6275     IE: checkbox in document picker doesn't update immediately 
CMS7-6272     Facetselect showing incorrect in CMS 
CMS7-6257     Remove obsolete automatic export plugin 
CMS7-6246     No highlighting on validation of multiple ordered field 
CMS7-6243     Xinha doesn't load after deletion of field from multiple 
CMS7-6242     Bump channel manager dependencies 
CMS7-6239     Scaled image is not shown when height & width are set to zero 
CMS7-6221     Fix for CMS7-6162 is not suppressing all missing translation warnings 
CMS7-6208     Dutch spelling 
CMS7-6168     hippo-addon-publication-workflow-repository persistence.xml incompatibility with some containers (WAS7) due to version 2.0 
CMS7-6150     Regression - Image upload button is not functional completely
CMS7-6117     Security domain everywhere must be everywhere 
CMS7-6116     NPE when logging in with wrong credentials 

REPO-457     Backport - Multi-valued properties are not always stored with property type     
REPO-456     WorkflowEventTest fails in branch     
REPO-444     Newly created documents lack hippo:availability out-of-the-box     
REPO-436     Reload on startup fails when xml size is bigger than 8Kb     

HSTTWO-2241     resourceURL tag security issue     
HSTTWO-2237     If a bean fails to start (on ContextStartEvent), then the module instance should have been removed. 
HSTTWO-2226     MockHstResponse should provide #getHeaders() and #getCookies() for testing     
HSTTWO-2224     Adjust the workflow for newly created documents to also commit the new document to be in state preview instead of draft     
HSTTWO-2221     HeadContributionsTag#getCategoryIncludes() & HeadContributionsTag#getCategoryExcludes() doesn't return them.     
HSTTWO-2208     HstLinkTag doesn't always cleanup state when returning EVAL_PAGE     
HSTTWO-2207     Support hst:isNodeType JSTL function
HSTTWO-1995     Resolving mount for hostname should be case insensitive

Artifacts and Version Numbers


    commons    1.01.00
    repository    2.22.08
    cms    2.22.08
    addon-faceteddate    2.22.01
    addon-publication-workflow    2.22.05
    addon-hst-configuration-editor    1.09.02
    addon-channel-manager    2.22.05
    addon-google-analytics    2.22.02
    addon-brokenlinks    2.22.02
    addon-automatic-export    2.02.03
    packages    2.22.04
    hst    2.24.06
    dashboard-document-wizard    1.03.09
    gallerypicker    1.10.01
    easy-forms-cms    2.10.03
    easy-forms-hst    2.10.02
    poll    1.05.04
    relateddocs    2.08.06
    selection    2.05.06
    sitemap    1.03.00
    taxonomy    1.08.04
    tcmp    1.05.04
    properties    2.07.07
    content-blocks    1.08.02
    ecm-tagging    4.04.01
    addon-newsletter-manager    1.02.02
    addon-reporting    1.04.02
    jackrabbit    2.2.12-h1
    Archetypes    1.05.07

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