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Release Notes 7.7.2

April 27th, 2012  


Dear all,

In the spirit of 'release early, release often', we're also happy to announce a new version in the 7.7 range. Version 7.7.2 includes a number of bug fixes, improvements and new features that are listed below.

Updating the parent pom version in your project will provide you with these new dependencies.

New projects can be bootstrapped using the new archetype version 1.05.04.

Enjoy,  The Hippo R&D Team


  • [CMS7-5811] - Changing values of username and password has no affect when 'Remember me' is checked
  • [CMS7-6022] - Page Store Error in Template Composer
  • [CMS7-6027] - Searching in cms for keys like JIRA-123 does not returns docs that contain this key
  • [CMS7-6028] - Published field in wide document listing is empty when document state is "A previous version is live"
  • [CMS7-6034] - Channel manager overview is missing a scroll bar
  • [CMS7-6046] - Adding audit logging for login, user and group events (Patch attached)
  • [CMS7-6050] - Required Rich Text fields that are blank do not cause an error
  • [CMS7-6055] - Paging is broken in the Security domains administration page
  • [CMS7-6070] - 'Remember me' cookie max-age should be properly setted and to be configurable
  • [CMS7-6074] - 'Remember me' doesn't work as expected on Google Chrome
  • [CMS7-6075] - No checks are made for the SESSIONID cookie used
  • [CMS7-6085] - Site deployed as ROOT.war is breaking composer mode initialization
  • [CMS7-6093] - Link Picker Dialog Layout is broken
  • [REPO-354] - Support validate hierarchy option
  • [REPO-355] - Memory leak when deleting a document
  • [REPO-359] - Malformed class loading causes different exception than ClassNotFound in Modules class
  • [REPO-360] - Don't use workspace move [HSTTWO-2109] - Hst client tld is not valid according to schema
  • [HSTTWO-2111] - Ignore HST bean classes that are do not have a public access modifier
  • [HSTTWO-2119] - HstSiteMenuConfigurationService breaks on custom node type extending hst:sitemenuitem


  • [CMS7-6054] - console: add checkbox in import content dialog whether to do an automatic save
  • [HSTTWO-2114] - Better default for to avoid the very rare NoAvailableSessionException

New Feature

  • [CMS7-5317] - Limit the number of fields that can be added in a multiple
  • [CMS7-6048] - In document listing, Last modified date and Published date in wide document listing should be able to show the time
  • [CMS7-6073] - Image Cropper full screen support
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