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Release Notes 7.7.12

20 May 2014

We have another maintenance release 7.7.12 for the projects on 7.7.x series. Updating your project pom to 7.7.12 will provide you all the related dependencies. This minor upgrade is recommended only for the projects on 7.7.xx series, for the new projects we strongly recommend you to start on 7.9 based archetype.

Note - The new versions of the dependencies have been available for a while, now they are bundled in this release. So if you have been using these dependencies by adding them to your project's pom file, please remove them while using this maintenance release. We encourage all projects to remain on the regular maintenance release. Using a tagged artifact that is not yet part of a maintenance release should only be done if there is a specific reason and only after testing in your specific project setup.



  • [ CMS7-7614] - Merge Xinha changes into XinhaCore


  • [ REPO-740] - Repository servlet should show the total amount of results (getTotalSize)

New Feature


  • [ CMS7-7519] - Selectable variants configurable in document type editor


  • [ REPO-889] - Backport (7.7) - Add a way to retrieve all localized names of a node and remove all but one new localized name



  • [ CMS7-6331] - Long <a> tags result in whitespace at start of paragraphs
  • [ CMS7-7421] - Regression: Change of CMS translation behaviour between 7.7.9 and 7.7.10
  • [ CMS7-7435] - When adding a user to the admin group the system user members are not preserved
  • [ CMS7-7445] - Backport: Action failed when tap to click on OK in translate document window on Mac OS X
  • [ CMS7-7860] - [Backport] Problematic JCR Session Usages in Login Page
  • [ CMS7-7545] - Syntax error in browser console when opening a dialog
  • [ CMS7-7563] - Backport CMS7-7032 Changing the user password while editing a channel breaks the Channel Manager view
  • [ CMS7-7634] - Backport (7.7) - Documents and folders get locale-specific names by default
  • [ CMS7-7956] - Renaming folders in 7.7 doesn't work well if hippo:translation nodes without language exist


  • [ REPO-800] - [Backport] Password of system user should not expire
  • [ REPO-860] - Backport REPO-858 to 7.7.xx (2.22.xx): QueryString is not escaped when printing error in RepositoryServlet


  • [ HSTTWO-2793] - Suppress warning in log when opening a non published document in the CMS



  • [ HSTTWO-2791] - Backport: HTTP session does not perform SSO handshake again when a user's credentials have changed




Artifacts and version numbers
    commons:    1.01.00
    repository*:    2.22.21
    cms*: 2.22.21
    addon-faceteddate: 2.22.02
    addon-publication-workflow*:    2.22.07
    addon-hst-configuration-editor:    1.09.03
    addon-channel-manager*:    2.22.13
    addon-google-analytics:    2.22.02
    addon-brokenlinks:    2.22.04
    addon-automatic-export:    2.02.05
    packages:    2.22.10
    hst*:    2.24.17
    dashboard-document-wizard: 1.03.11
    gallerypicker*:    1.11.03
    easy-forms-cms:    2.10.03
    easy-forms-hst:    2.10.03
    poll*:    1.05.05
    relateddocs:    2.08.07
    selection: 2.05.06
    sitemap:    1.03.00
    taxonomy*:    1.09.04
    tcmp*:    1.05.06
    properties*:    2.07.09
    content-blocks*:    1.08.03
    ecm-tagging*:    4.04.02
    addon-newsletter-manager:    1.02.02
    addon-reporting:    1.04.03
    jackrabbit*: 2.2.12-h1

*)New versions


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