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Release Notes 7.7.10

31 July 2013
New maintenance release on 7.7 series is available for public use. Updating your project parent pom to 7.7.10 should provide you all the latest dependencies in this series. We recommend this minor upgrade only for the projects on 7.7.xx series. For a new project we strongly recommend you to start on 7.8 based archetype.
Note - The new versions of the dependencies have been available for a while, now they are bundled in this release. So if you have been using these dependencies by adding them to your project's pom file, please remove them while using this maintenance release. We encourage all projects to remain on the regular maintenance release. Using a tagged artifact that is not yet part of a maintenance release should only be done if there is a specific reason and only after testing in your specific project setup.


Junaid K
Release Manager & QA, R&D.

New Features & Improvement
CMS7-7248     Port "Component properties panel doesn't resize" improvement
CMS7-7137    Backport: Xinha: add 'save and close' button to Xinha toolbar which closes Xinha (CMS7-7149)
CMS7-7009     Output-wicketpaths init parameter should be a context parameter
REPO-690     BACKPORT - Concatenate user IDs in security delegated session
REPO-656     Upgrading while there is pending publication requests causes havoc in a cluster
REPO-691     Implement #hashCode, #equals and #toString of DomainRuleExtension
REPO-653     Provide startup option to enable/disable bootstrap
HSTTWO-2596     Backport : Make using security delegate configurable and default is off
HSTTWO-2582     Use security delegate session for cms preview
HSTTWO-2578     Backport : Give jcr sessions in hst pools a maxTimeToLive
HSTTWO-2586     Backport: Reduce memory consumption of HST configuration model
HSTTWO-2530     backport Setting continue-rendering-after-
exception parameter for enabling Freemarker support leads to freemarker.core.Configurable$UnknownSettingException

CMS7-7222     Activitiy Stream Lists Parent Folder Name of Renamed Folder
CMS7-7192     BACKPORT - IE8: Extra empty files, text fields and browse buttons at image upload - IE8
CMS7-7240     User Search searches in too many fields
CMS7-7266     Sessions to CMS are not cleaned up leading to OOM
CMS7-7146     [BACKPORT 7.7] User search when adding a user to a group does not work
CMS7-7167     Xinha, Stylelist plugin doesn't work with a selection of paragraphs
CMS7-7061     Xinha: <br/> elements for empty field only removed in wysiwyg mode
CMS7-7166     Xhina first soft enter (<br/>) is not working for Webkit browsers
CMS7-6729     Backport: Xinha saves <br/> for empty field - CMS7-4906
CMS7-7168     Backport the xinha changes on new features and bug fixes
CMS7-6903     Backport CMS7-6890 to 7.7: Sometimes translating a document fails
CMS7-7073     Backport to 7.7 - Image Cropper does not show target size if target width is more than 200px
CMS7-7087     Permission of the groups with apostrophe ' is not visible on UI
CMS7-7092     Renaming a folder doesn't create a correctly localised hippo:translation node
CMS7-7053     Backport CMS7-7022 to 7.7 & 7.8: [Xinha] insert paragraph can throw an error and corrupt content
CMS7-6981     In "Control panel > Permissions" screen, admin user can't view/edit a group or user when the group name has an apostrophe '
CMS7-6816     Backport: IE9: Fields under Xinha field moves down magically (CMS7-5891)
CMS7-7054     Backport CMS7-7050 to 7.7 & 7.8: English and translated field validation messages not consistent
CMS7-7036     Backport CMS7-6943 to 7.8 & 7.7: Dutch date format validation error in document editor displays wicket component id instead of field name
CMS7-7048     Backport CMS7-7039: Regression: Unable to close image picker dialog when uploading fails (Flash off)
CMS7-7016     [BACKPORT] Bump CXF version to latest 2.6.x
CMS7-7023     When a username contains special characters, group-memberships are not listed
CMS7-6905     Backport: Brokenlinks - Editor/Author view of broken-links is missing information
REPO-678     Repository fails to start up due to runtime exception thrown by ServicingNodeIndexer
REPO-688     Backport: Using periods in foldername results in 404 (CMS7-6059)
REPO-669     Add possibility to delegate credentials of one session to another
REPO-677     Synchronization bug in EventLogCleanupModule
REPO-668     Documents (nodes) previously loaded keep being visible for jcr sessions *after* they have been changed in such a way that a domain should disallow read access
REPO-667     Updater module for migrating pre 7.7.9 serialized quartz jobs to post 7.7.9 format
REPO-661     Transitive dependency boilerpipe breaks nekohtml
REPO-663     Event log cleaner doesn't cleanup empty folders
REPO-649     Error logged warning against running namespace updater in clustered environment even when updater would not run
REPO-641     Hippo log folder is being reloaded
REPO-642     [Backport] Range query done by event log clean up module causes OOM error
HSTTWO-2621     Backport : wrong userId is cached on http session which might trigger a re-handshake between cms and site
HSTTWO-2603     In case of a session security delegate is used. all faceted navigation nodes including the ones with a free text search are fetched by the same session
HSTTWO-2605     Cosmetic issue: Keep insertion order of attributes of Head contribution elements
HSTTWO-2576     Backport : HST session pools should be cleared after any change below /hippo:configuration
HSTTWO-2558     Backport (7.7) : Fix the handling of special characters in search queries
HSTTWO-2501     Allow creation of action/render/resource urls from a ResourceResponse
HSTTWO-2520     NPE in SiteMapItemHandlerConfigurationImpl#getRawProperty() when no property

Artifacts and version numbers
    commons:    1.01.00
    repository*:    2.22.19
    cms*: 2.22.17
    addon-faceteddate: 2.22.01
    addon-publication-workflow:    2.22.06
    addon-hst-configuration-editor:    1.09.03
    addon-channel-manager:    2.22.11
    addon-google-analytics:    2.22.02
    addon-brokenlinks*:    2.22.04
    addon-automatic-export:    2.02.05
    packages*:    2.22.09
    hst*:    2.24.15
    dashboard-document-wizard: 1.03.11
    gallerypicker*:    1.11.00
    easy-forms-cms:    2.10.03
    easy-forms-hst:    2.10.02
    poll:    1.05.04
    relateddocs:    2.08.07
    selection: 2.05.06
    sitemap:    1.03.00
    taxonomy:    1.09.00
    tcmp:    1.05.04
    properties:    2.07.07
    content-blocks:    1.08.02
    ecm-tagging:    4.04.01
    addon-newsletter-manager:    1.02.02
    addon-reporting:    1.04.03
    jackrabbit*: 2.2.12-h1

*)New versions

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