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Release Notes 7.6.6 (with Java 7 capabilities)

January 9, 2013. 

Dear All, 

The new maintenance release 7.6.6 is available for general use and are specifically to support Java 7 capabilities. These releases bring changes only to repository and HST, to know more see below issues in our JIRA

For the projects running on 7.6.xx series, updating your project pom with 7.6.6 should provide the new dependencies. This however requires a Hippo Support Subscription (HES) since these artifacts are deployed to our Enterprise maven repository. If you do not have a HES follow the steps below:

  • Build HST 2.22.17
  • In project pom update hst version 2.22.17 and repository version 2.22.13
  • Finally build your project.
All new projects can be bootstrapped using archetype 1.07.00 which is of 7.8 version and Java 7 compatible.

Have fun developing with Hippo.
Thanks & Regards,
The Hippo R&D team

REPO-562     Java 7 support 

HSTTWO-2414     Implement Comparable and Comparator according to contract 
HSTTWO-2407     Core components fails to compile on java 7 because tools jar cannot be located
HSTTWO-2423     Regression: Live/Preview not working in cms channel manager



  repository 2.22.13

  cms 2.20.13

  addon-faceteddate 2.20.00

  addon-publication-workflow 2.20.04

  addon-hst-configuration-editor 1.07.01

  packages 2.20.06

  hst 2.22.17


  dashboard-document-wizard 1.03.09

  gallerypicker 1.09.02

  easy-forms-cms 2.07.02

  easy-forms-hst 2.06.00

  poll 1.05.00

  relateddocs 2.08.07

  selection 2.05.04

  sitemap 1.02.00

  taxonomy 1.07.02

  tcmp 1.04.02

  content-blocks 1.08.02

  ecm-tagging 4.04.02


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