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Release Notes 7.6.2

November 16, 2011 

Updated Hippo CMS 7.6.2 Release


This update to our 7.6 release is targeted to fix a diverse number of bugs and minor improvements.

In order to use this release, existing projects can use the new release by bumping their parent pom version (hippo-cms7-release) to 7.6.2.

When starting a new project use the latest archetype as also in the trail.

Issues fixed

The following issues have been addressed since the 7.6.1 release:


  • [CMS7-5264] - NPE when debug level logging enabled.
  • [CMS7-5519] - Images are not displayed in Internet Explorer, versions 6, 7, 8 and 9
  • [CMS7-5541] - Multi-valued property with wrong type used when created in relaxed node type
  • [CMS7-5574] - Images don't show in IE7, IE8 and IE9
  • [CMS7-5588] - Property type in add property dialog drop down list is not automatically selected after being narrowed down to one choice by filling in a property name
  • [CMS7-5589] - Regression: New document dialog shows npe when name is empty
  • [CMS7-5596] - Wrong order of save field VS save session (due to a bad connection) causes loss of content
  • [CMS7-5623] - Renaming folder throws NPE (patch attached)
  • [CMS7-5631] - The snapshot maven repository should not be in the release pom.
  • [CMS7-5179] - Mandatory/required fields in assets and images not working
  • [CMS7-5488] - CMS doesn't filter special characters in the search property which can lead to OOMEs.
  • [CMS7-5509] - bug in FolderWorkflowImpl (7.5.4)
  • [CMS7-5521] - Console logs ERROR when showing the 'add property' dialog
  • [CMS7-5536] - Default Gallery processor should not be the default
  • [CMS7-5538] - Internal link picker UI is broken when "Open in new window" is disabled
  • [CMS7-2032] - Export binaries option in console is broken
  • [CMS7-5207] - Using the flash upload does not seem to work behind an authenticating proxy
  • [CMS7-5403] - Cannot store an empty String property value in the console
  • [CMS7-5432] - Console - Property types are not displayed correctly
  • [CMS7-5476] - hippo-cms7-project configured slf4j implementation (1.6.1) is incompatible with hst and cms uses (1.5.x)
  • [CMS7-5480] - Deadlock when processing events
  • [CMS7-5496] - In Firefox4+ the 'Last modified' and 'Last Modified By' column overlap
  • [REPO-163] - Externally modified exception when multiple sessions save changes with links present
  • [REPO-183] - Repository throws java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in ConcurrentCache
  • [REPO-220] - BACKPORT REPO-145 NULL field cannot be persisted when handle is checked out
  • [REPO-200] - NPE in JackRabbit ItemManager
  • [REPO-234] - Queries fail to execute when hierarche mgr throws error in HippoAccessManager
  • [REPO-240] - New translated document is not linked correctly to original document (when not a hippostdpubwf:document)
  • [REPO-246] - Hippo Go Green OOM on online demo
  • [HSTTWO-1619] - The JSP tag writeHeadContribution [ xhtml = true ] does not set the proper CDATA tags for text/html
  • [HSTTWO-1723] - ServletDelegatingValve#ServletContextImpl does not implement 2.5 servlet spec method getContextPath()
  • [HSTTWO-1725] - Too many warning logs with LocationMapResolver
  • [HSTTWO-1768] - hippo-cms7-project configured slf4j implementation (1.6.1) is incompatible with hst and cms uses (1.5.x)
  • [HSTTWO-1812] - hst link tag does not take 'mount' attribute into account when linking to a sitemapItemRefId
  • [HSTTWO-1828] - MatrixParams are part of the requestURI for the jaxrsRequest
  • [HSTTWO-1852] - ContainerException when a post is performed from a site's homepage

New Feature

  • [CMS7-5565] - Generate new translation ids as a separate action and as an option during copy
  • [CMS7-5630] - BP - Create jcr runner to generate new translation ids
  • [HSTTWO-1813] - On a Mount add a method that returns all child mounts


  • [CMS7-4038] - Xinha linkpicker dialog: make "Open in new window" checkbox optional
  • [CMS7-5225] - When sorting large set of documents, sorting arrows become invisible. [patch attached]
  • [CMS7-5516] - Patch for external link dialog (xinha editor) to disable "open in a new window" with configuration
  • [CMS7-5497] - Share sso secret in clustered setup
  • [REPO-175] - High memory usage during initial phase of upgrade procedure
  • [REPO-210] - Extend uri encoding and encode special uppercase characters (e.g. Í and É)
  • [REPO-236] - Support for mandatory non-same name siblings in updater modules
  • [HSTTWO-1577] - Facilitate javadocs generation
  • [HSTTWO-1630] - Set the hst:statuscode to the HTTP response status
  • [HSTTWO-1705] - Memory leak when using preferredSitemapItem linking in combination with very very many hst configuration changes
  • [HSTTWO-1718] - BinariesServlet leaves too many logs on client socket's closing
  • [HSTTWO-1724] - Content Bean annotated classes should be able to be configured in both external configuration and local classes in a component without warning
  • [HSTTWO-1736] - "Failed to get a session in EventListenerContainer" message should be logged at INFO level
  • [HSTTWO-1779] - Upgrade commons-configuration dependency to 1.7
  • [HSTTWO-1788] - Have HST by default remove leading wildcards (* and ?) and include free text search input parsing utility
  • [HSTTWO-1789] - HippoDocument#getLocale should not throw an exception when the locale is invalid
  • [HSTTWO-1810] - SearchInputParsingUtils does now escape a ' to \' but this seems to return a query parse exception from jackrabbit (however \' should be allowed according the spec)
  • [HSTTWO-1835] - SecurityValve needs to support stateless env when dealing with subject


  • [REPO-170] - Upgrade to JR 2.2.8
  • [REPO-212] - Move jackrabbit patches to location separate from individual repository branches
  • [REPO-199] - Upgrade to Jackrabbit 2.2.9
  • [HSTTWO-1720] - Make sure the HST demosuite wars are not deployed to maven repository
  • [HSTTWO-1787] - Upgrade aspectj dependency to 1.6.11
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