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10.2.0 release notes

HIPPO CMS 10.2 release notes

February 7, 2016

Hello everyone!

We are excited to announce the release of Hippo CMS 10.2. After the successful release of Hippo CMS 10.1 last September, we have been working hard to create a follow-up minor release, incorporating new functionality as well as many usability improvements as a result of feedback we received from you. Today we are releasing this version.

Hippo CMS 10.2 contains new functionality and improvements, listed below in this message.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

On behalf of everyone that made this release a reality,

Mark Peerdeman
Product Management

Highlights for the 10.2 release

Community and Enterprise releases

  • Pages can be copied and moved within a single channel and between multiple channels from within the Channel Manager user interface. For developers, we provide hooks to perform extra actions in the copy process. Details can be found here [1] for end users and here [2] and here [3] for administrators/developers.

  • Introduction of the Content REST API. This API can be used to read content from the CMS via REST and use this in the development of your Angular JS or mobile app. You can get started quickly at [4].

  • Improvement of the menu editor: adding extra properties to menu items. This is of much convenience for developers writing applications that rely on menus [5].

  • We added cascading configuration inheritance to the workspace inheritance that was introduced in the previous final release. Details can be found here [6].

  • Improved security feature: the system (both CMS as well as Console) will now automatically logout after a configurable period of inactivity. This period can be configured or disabled by the admin [7].

Enterprise release

  • Improvements in the Enterprise Forms module:

    • Field names are checked for leading and trailing white space characters and the user is notified when the CMS signals this,

    • Besides the existing JSP renderers, Freemarker templates are available as well for EForms,

    • Fields can be interactively drag-and-dropped on the form in the CMS user interface.

  • The replication functionality now can be configured to run over SSL, documented at [8].

  • Several restyling improvements in the ‘Audiences’ perspective in the ‘Real-time’, ‘Characteristics’ and ‘Persona’ tabs and new icons in the console that improve the user experience.

Known issues

  • Between Apache Tomcat 8.0.29 & 8.0.30 the default for redirects changed from fully qualified to relative. This change in default has affected some redirects within Hippo CMS. More information can be found at [9].


The Hippo CMS 10.2 Community Edition and Enterprise Edition are available from today onwards.

End of life notices

A new EOL policy is in place. You can find it at [10].

The release of this version will trigger the end-of-life status of Hippo CMS version 10.0.x. At this moment actively maintained versions are the most recently released patch versions of 10.1 and 10.2, 7.9 and 7.8.

Internet Explorer browser support

Please note that Microsoft dropped the support for all IE versions older than 11 by January 12, 2016. Therefore, we unfortunately can no longer guarantee support of our Hippo CMS in combination with these IE versions.

We do understand that this announcement of Microsoft might have a big impact on your organisation. We'd like to let you know that we will try to help you in case you run into issues with your Hippo CMS, but we trust you understand that we cannot guarantee that we can solve all issues when Microsoft no longer supports the browser version. We therefore strongly advise the following courses of action in case you are using Hippo CMS in combination with an older Internet Explorer browser:

  • Are you using an older version of IE in combination with Hippo 7.9 or Hippo 10, please start using IE 11 or use a different browser like Chrome or Firefox.

  • Are you using an older version of IE in combination with Hippo 7.8, we strongly advise to upgrade to Hippo 10 as soon as possible. In the meantime we would advise to use a different browser like Chrome or Firefox.

CMS version

IE version

Supported until

CMS 7.8.x



CMS 7.9.x


EOL CMS 7.9 or EOL IE11

CMS 10


EOL CMS 10 or EOL IE11





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