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This article covers a Hippo CMS version 10. There's an updated version available that covers our most recent release.


Relevance Module FAQ

How do I fake a visitor's location on localhost?

Fake your IP address via the HTTP request header 'X-Forwarded-For'.

Adding such an HTTP header to every browser request can be done with various browser plugins, like Modify Headers for Firefox or ModHeader for Chrome:

How can I generate some visitors on localhost?

Execute the script (part of the GoGreen Enterprise source code).Specify the URL prefix to use as a parameter.

For example, to hit the site running on localhost:

./ http://localhost:8080/site

What happens to the component configuration of a deleted persona?

When a persona is deleted, the HST configuration for this persona is deleted lazily. Personas are deleted immediately from the Relevance Module configuration, but the component configuration for deleted personas is not deleted together with the persona. That would require the parsing of all HST configuration whenever a persona is deleted, which would be too expensive. Instead, the HST simply ignores component configuration for deleted personas. Once the configuration of a component is edited in the template composer and saved again, all deleted personas are removed from the configuration of that component.

As a developer, can I access a visitor's targeting data?

Yes, as a developer, you can access a visitor's targeting data directly, and use that in for instance your HST components. From the profile you can obtain both the raw targeting data as collected by the different collectors, as well as the matching personas and their scores.

Why does the CMS not load PageViewsCharacteristicPlugin.js?

Symptoms: the CMS has the Relevance Module included, runs in Wicket development mode, and does not respond to clicks anymore after you logged in. Also, an error similar to the one below is logged in the JavaScript console of the browser:

Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function

Solution: disable the EasyPrivacy list of the AdBlockPlus extension. That list contains the rule '/pageviews/*', which filters out the Ajax call for PageViewsCharacteristicPlugin.js.


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