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Sitemap Plugin Configuration: Sitemap Index


The Sitemap Index component generates a sitemap index file which contains the locations of all the sitemaps of the site.

A sitemap can contain up to 50,000 (unique) sitemap items. More items will result in multiple sitemaps. To tell Google where to find all the sitemaps, a sitemap index file must be created. A sitemap index file is an overview of all the sitemaps that are relevant to the site, i.e. it indicates the locations of the multiple sitemaps. The Sitemap Index component complies with the specifications provided by Google. See also Advanced Sitemap.

Component configuration /hst:hst/hst:configurations/hst:default/hst:components/forge-sitemap-index-feed
Component class org.onehippo.forge.sitemap.components.SitemapIndexFeed


The Sitemap Index component provides the following configuration parameters:

Parameter Required Default Value Description
sitemap-location-foldername yes   The location of the sitemap folder, where the sitemap files are stored. These files will be used while generating the sitemap index file.
assets-url-prefix     For some systems, the sitemap index files are stored in the repository asset folder. These systems might use url rewriting. With this parameter a prefix can be configured, which is placed in front of the asset url.
additional-sitemap-file-url     Provide additional urls which must be added to the sitemap index.


Configure the sitemap index URL at the sitemap item /hst:hst/hst:configurations/hst:default/hst:sitemap/sitemapindex.xml.

Set the property hst:componentconfigurationid to hst:components/forge-sitemap-index-feed.

Use the multi-valued properties hst:parameternames and hst:parametervalues to specify the configuration parameters.

Only the parameter sitemap-location-foldername is required. The other parameters are optional, i.e. when these parameters are not specified, they will be considered as not existing.

  + sitemapindex.xml [hst:sitemapitem]
    - hst:componentconfigurationid = hst:components/forge-sitemap-index-feed
    - hst:parameternames = sitemap-location-foldername
    - hst:parameternames = sitemap-splitter-directory

Point your web browser to http://localhost:8080/site/sitemapindex.xml to see your site's sitemap index feed.

Note: your browser may not display the sitemap index as XML. View the page source to see the sitemap XML.
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