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Hippo CMS 11.0 GA Release Notes

September 15th, 2016

Highlights for the 11.0 GA release

  • EForms, SEO plugin and Poll plugin HST components translation resources are moved to the repository resource bundles.
  • Logout of the CMS now ends the preview session in the Channel Manager.
  • Logging out of the CMS no longer also logs you out of the console (and vice versa).
  • Hippo project created with the project archetype now by default will deploy and package the bootstrap content module as shared/lib artifact instead of embedded in the cms.war.The Elasticsearch connection configuration now also is provided through JNDI (context.xml). Now all relevance data store connection configurations can be configured through JNDI, independently from the distribution and repository backend.
  • Fixed stars computation in trends table. In very rare situations the stars did not match the search results.
  • Support for 'CC' and 'BCC' fields in mail form data behavior in EForms.
  • Support for time in date fields (needs the jQuery datetimepicker plugin in templates).
  • Introduced the 'maxAgeDays' option for SQL data stores. This is used to auto-clean outdated relevance data from the SQL Data stores.
  • Updated list of supported browsers, current are: IE >= 11, Safari >= 9, Chrome >= 52, Firefox >= 45.
  • Ensure Wicket validation messages are shown localized.
  • Localized buttons in 'New document type' wizard.
  • Don't show POSIX time zones in the timezone dropdown in the login screen.
  • Use selected time zone in the Audience perspective.
  • HST components with JavaScript now reload the whole channel manager page when needed.
  • Forge plugins upgraded to CMS v11: UrlRewriter, Properties, Settings Management, Feeds.
  • The Channel Manager again supports webapps deployed as ROOT.war
  • Channel Manager > Menu Editor: title input field selection behavior is improved.
  • Added support for Spring managed HST components.
  • Implemented Elasticsearch preemptive basic authentication.
  • Upgrade/data migration tooling and documentation.
  • The advanced functionality of the sitemap plugin has been removed (SitemapFeedBasedOnHstSitemap).

End-of-life and support

This release of this version will trigger the end-of-life status of Hippo CMS 7.8.x. Currently actively maintained versions are the most recently released patch versions of 11.0, 10.2 and 7.9. If you want to learn about our end-of-life policy, you can take a look at [3].

Please see the table below to see if you are entitled to receive support:

If you are on version: You will receive support until the release of:
version standard license premium license
7.8 final No support
No support
7.9 final
No support
10.0 No support No support
No support
No support
10.2 final* 12.0 13.0
11.0 11.2 11.2
11.1 12.0 12.0
11.2 final* 13.0 14.0



The Hippo CMS 11.0 GA Community Edition and Enterprise Edition are available as from today.


[1] http://www.onehippo.org/about/version-numbering.html

[2] http://www.onehippo.org/about/fcs-and-ga-releases.html

[3] http://www.onehippo.org/about/eol-policy.html

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