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Hippo CMS 11.0 FCS Release Notes

July 5th, 2016

Highlights for the 11.0 FCS release

Community and Enterprise releases

Hippo CMS 11.0 FCS comprises the Community Edition 11.0.0 and the Enterprise Edition 11.0.1.

New channel manager

For this version of Hippo we have completely rewritten main parts of the channel manager. This new channel manager contains many improvements that we have collected over time from customer and partner feedback. Every aspect of the User Experience has been evaluated and improved where possible. This has resulted in a new channel manager that is faster, easier to use, more efficient to use and makes your work much easier.

As a result of this rewrite, we already have included several new and improved features, like:

Overview of your work

While creating your site, overview of your work is always a very important aspect of the system you are working with. The new channel manager greatly improves the overview you have on the page you are working on. We have been implementing a new interaction pattern to the page preview. The page will gracefully zoom out when side bars or other new user interface elements move into view. This gives you an optimized view on your work at all times.

Editing responsive pages for desktop, tablet and phone

Besides the existing preview if the channel in different widths, it is now possible to edit in multiple widths as well. This means that the channel manager can now be used to compose responsive sites completely ‘mobile first’ or ‘tablet first’ and makes it easy to continuously review and improve the responsiveness of the site while in the edit process.

This is in response to a trend we are observing in the market, that digital marketers are using contextualization to make websites mobile, rather than dedicated channels. Combined with the mobile‐ first trend, this means we need to make editing and targeting of responsive web properties easier, that span both desktop and mobile delivery channels.

Left vertical sidebar

A left vertical sidebar has been introduced. This sidebar can be shown or hidden by the user and contains context dependent information. Currently, the sidebar can contain the sitemap or the component catalog.

Sitemap for easy navigation

The sitemap moved to the left vertical sidebar. This means that you can use the sitemap during previewing or editing to navigate the site. The site preview and sitemap are bi‐directionally synchronised; navigating in the site preview causes the sitemap to change focus to the appropriate page, while navigating the sitemap causes the preview to update to the selected page.

Component catalog

The component catalog that used to be part of the top bar of the channel manager moved as a tab to the new left sidebar as well. This means that much more components are visible at the same time and the page view is not obstructed anymore by the user interface.

Containers have names

Just like components, containers in the channel manager now highlight with a label showing their type when you hover over them. This makes identification of complex page structures much more convenient. Also, containers indicate more clearly that they are locked.

Page management

Managing pages is much more intuitive now because adding, deleting, moving and copying pages is fully integrated in the channel manager.


Notifications are now shown as toast notifications that pop up in the upper right area of the screen. In this way, a much more natural and less intrusive feedback to the user is implemented.

Deleting components

Deleting a component is a little different now. The component property dialog box now contains the ‘delete’ button. This positioning is a better user interface practice.

Menu management

Working with menus is much easier in V11 as the menu is displayed as a tree. This provides much more context to the user and gives better visible feedback on the work.


Drag‐and‐drop has been improved to make it more intuitive and convenient to use. Scrolling and drag‐ and‐drop have been integrated, therefore moving components on large pages is much easier. Horizontal drag‐and‐drop has been created for spanned containers.


The user interface makes use of Angular Material, which standardises much of the user interaction and behaviour. The system is much more accessible in this way and easier to master.


As Hippo is used all over the world, we redesigned the way we are handling localisations. This makes the use of Hippo in multiple time‐ and language zones concurrently much easier.

More languages

We redesigned the localisation implementation in the CMS. All text in the CMS is available in language packs that can be included in your project. As a first additional language we will provide Chinese. Other languages might follow in the future or can be created on request. All left‐to‐right languages can be easily supported in this way. We currently do not support right‐to‐left, top‐to‐bottom or mixed left‐to‐ right/right‐to‐left languages.

Multiple time zones

In many cases the timezone of the CMS does not match the timezone of the CMS user. Hippo CMS 11 is capable of working in any time zone, while at the same time making sure no conflicts will arise in the underlying data stores. The time zone can be selected from the login dialog of the CMS, this feature has to be activated manually.


SHA 256 bit password hashing

All newly generated passwords will be hashed using SHA 256 automatically from now on. Please note that old password hashes will not be regenerated but will keep their existing hashes.

Enterprise release

Hippo in the Cloud

Hippo CMS 11 will be available in the cloud via the Hippo onDemand platform. It will be available as on-premises installation as well.

Packaged collectors

Starting with relevance now is easier than ever as we pre­install our bundle with standard relevance collectors in your project by default. All collectors that do not need to be configured can therefore be used right out­of­the­box. Furthermore we improved on the documentation on configuring the other relevance collectors as well.

Continent collector

A new collector has been added that stores the continent data of the visitor. It is part of the standard set of relevance collectors and is available out­of­the­box. The collector makes use of the ISO list of continents: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia (Oceania), Europe, North America, South America.

Trends chart

The Trends chart has a small but useful improvement. Besides selecting the time window for reporting to be ‘1 week’, ‘1 month’ and ‘3 months’, you now can select an exact date range that you want to see reflected in the reporting results.

Additional notes

Major release

Hippo CMS 11.0 FCS is a major release. This means that we did a lot of work under the hood and that it is not backwards compatible with previous releases. If you want to learn more about major/minor/micro versions you can find information at [1].

The public API we provided for extending the functionality of the menu bar in the Channel Manager was dropped. Custom extension of this menu bar is therefore not supported anymore.

First Customer Shipment

We have decided to have this initial release of version 11.0 available as FCS (First Customer Shipment). This means that the release is actually only supported for certain set of initial customers. This period gives us time to harden the release in the wild. After this initial introduction, we will release the GA (General Availability) version shortly. If you want to know more about FCS and GA, you can take a look at [2].

End-of-life and support

This release of this version will trigger the end-of-life status of Hippo CMS 7.8.x. Currently actively maintained versions are the most recently released patch versions of 11.0, 10.2 and 7.9. If you want to learn about our end-of-life policy, you can take a look at [3].

Please see the table below to see if you are entitled to receive support:

If you are on version: You will receive support until the release of:
version standard license premium license
7.8 final No support
No support (new)
7.9 final
No support (new)
10.0 No support No support
No support (new)
No support (new)
10.2 final* 12.0 13.0
11.0 11.2 11.2
11.1 12.0 12.0
11.2 final* 13.0 14.0

Elasticsearch 2.3

Elasticsearch 1.7 (previously used in the Hippo CMS Enterprise) will almost certainly reach End-of-Life later this year. Hippo CMS version 11 will therefore support Elasticsearch 2.3. For Hippo CMS 10.2 we will keep support for Elasticsearch 1.7 until Elasticsearch 1.7 or Hippo CMS 10.2 (whichever is earlier) reaches EOL. We provide tooling to convert your Experiments and Trends data to the new Elasticsearch.


Starting with version 11.0, we removed the (Enterprise release) system requirement for having Couchbase available.

Security fixes

Several security fixes were made in this release, including the implementation of a potential cross-site request forgery protection.

Known issues

Please check the system requirements for Hippo CMS V11 before you move to, or start with, this new release.

● When your system uses a default file encoding that is not UTF‐8, localised strings might not display correctly in the CMS. You can work around this by starting Java with the option:



The Hippo CMS 11.0 Community Edition and Enterprise Edition are available as FCS version for a selected audience as from today.


[1] http://www.onehippo.org/about/version-numbering.html

[2] http://www.onehippo.org/about/fcs-and-ga-releases.html

[3] http://www.onehippo.org/about/eol-policy.html

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